Friday, February 10, 2006

What is the toughest?

I HATE IT!Everyday, test, homeworks, rushing this and that, think think think, studies...urgh...I cried just now, for my maths test. The teacher is so unfair, she gave 1 hour for other class to take the test but 30 minutes for us only and 56 subjective quiestions! And then, she gave them 5 marks bonus but not to us! So So sSO so so SO SO SOS SO unfair!!! Urgh! i hate it! i didnt even finish the test, still got 3 left blank and 1 wrong already! AAAAHHH!!! HELP ME!!!!!

At least now, the test is over. AHH!! Why am i still think of my maths test!!!??? I am over worried! I am scared to MATHS! THANKS A LOT TO THAT TEACHER!

Stop thinking about it anymore! Whatever! Lets see some pictures,

This is me in Super Brand Mall in Shanghai, China. Just outside a shop, very pretty background.

Panda in Panda World, Fuzhou, China. So Cute!!!

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Lynna said...

christine.. i am even worse than you.....