Wednesday, April 19, 2006 but end soon..

So long already didnt touch this blog. I am sooo busy this few weeks(or even months) Starting of Form 2 was good except the scary but quite fun part start! Brassband wanted me to go for the competition. We had to practice every morning 6.30 am to 8.30 am & 1.40 pm to 4.00 om. playing, watching tv and sleeping time! I had to sacrified all those times. I dont mind, at least i can gather with my friends in band. BUT, i am not willing to give up my study time too! MY CLASS STARTS AT 7.30 am! I cant study. I miss a lot. I have a lot of homework. I am scared about my studies. I became very stressful at last. I cried everyday after band practice. I cannot catch up with my classmates. EVEN THE TEACHER START to hate band members...that includes me. I am so sad. I dont know what to do. If i join, i'll miss my study. If i dont join, there is no more chance because after form 2, everything is a no-no for me. I want to study!!! ( a really weird stuff i would say) But i am really depressed, sad. Even when someone in the band is making up jokes, i cant really laugh, cause my brain kept thinking about my studies. I really tried to concerntrate but i cant! I was scolded in the practice, i dont mind, i will try my best. But I really really cant. I am really sad. I am scared. So, i told my mom everything. Finally, this afternoon my mom told them to let me quit. But i will still do my last performance at Friday for the Blok D pembukaan. I was...well...phew..finally i can concerntrate on my study. I dont mind tonnes of homeworks and projects, as long as i can study. Finally, i knew why adult thinks we can study, that is very very nice. Because, studying, i think is a lot better than other things.

I think I am driving Jocelyn and Janice crazy. Cause before i join, Rene quit. Then i join, i quit too. Hope the next person wont quit. I am really sorry, Jocelyn and Janice. Maybe i am not the right choice for this kind of things. I knew you guys will find someone better. Thanks to Christy and Jane too, you guys are really helping me through this hard time.

Still, good luck for the competition in June at Kuching. I knew you guys are the champion so PROVE IT TO ME AND THE SCHOOL! just Teacher Hassan said, let us be the most attractive one in every condition! You Are The Best!

One Band, One Sound! One Heart, One Soul!
Go Go, SMK CHUNG HUA MIRI brassband!
I will always support you!


p/s: sorry guys, i need you to understand me....*sob*