Friday, May 26, 2006


-2006's half year had passed.
-The Big Test had passed.
-Yeah! - because it had finally passed.and it is holiday now!
-Boo hoo.. - I dont want to know the result!!!!!

I had been so crazy and nerdy this week. I kept on studying. I cried. I argued. I complained. But those are the past.


YAHOOOOOO!!!!..the semester test is gone! Gone GONE!!!!!! FOREVER!!! YEAH!!! It is holiday and my eldest brother is getting marry soooooo soon. I bought a dress and made one too(of course is made by tailor la). Muahaha...But the made dress was not ready yet. I cant wait to see it. I pick the style myself.

Today is my school's teacher's day. Everything went right except they force me to be there and wait them until they finished watching " I'm not stupid 2" !!! I want to go home but they have to return the laptop to my mom. I dont want to wait!! So, I turn a little bit angry and it scared my friends. Sorry sorry, i dont really mean it. Just that I kept thinking that why dont you guys just buy a disc or go to the cinema to watch it, why I cant go home? But nevermind liao la..forgive me...forgive me o...I really didnt mean it.

Why am I kept thinking about the test?!!! It had passed already la....what to do leh? AIyo, nevermind la...Let me have my sweet sweet holiday first....