Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2007 CNY! Oink!

Oink Oink Oink!! Pig year is here. The first pig year i really remember. I saw many pig things sold in the shopping complex. Haha..very very cute. My dad bought a pig container but it was a bit scary as you can pull its hear away from its body...
Like the past years, my family and I went back to Sibu by car(grandparents and relatives live there). The 5 hours car ride is supposed to be suffering but dont know why i kinda enjoyed it this year ( am I crazy??). I got a bit car sick but i try not to throw up la. I enjoy my mom's old songs CD. Got one song, "Country Road, Take Me Home" it sounds so nice!! got cowboy's wei dao. When I reached there, whoa, all my little cousins who are quite lao tu last year, this year became so fashion a!! all very pretty liao, even the 3 years old kid also pretty...

pretty ho??
The next day night, we have reunion dinner at Tanah Mas hotel.

Then, i realise that my little baby cousin, jasper, is a future chemist! I am sure that the Nobel prize for chemistry will be won by him someday...

Mixture of chicken meat + aloe vera jelly + chinese tea + rice

He actually ate it.

Then, little cousins and I went modeling just outside the room we are eating..

Upper: Ah tang

Below: Jasmin

Below the table!

Jasper the dude!!

After that, we go home and it is my happy time!! we played mah jong. I won 3 times!!! yipeee. Then, we saw fireworks at 12am. It was really beautiful. It didnt stopped until 1.40am. I heard mom said police will saman. but who cares..but will they do?? SAMAN THE WHOLE SIBU!??! I dont think they dare la!!!

Happy Chinese New Year. OInkOInkOInk! Pig year lai liao! Gong Xi fa Cai..... The next day, first day of chinese new year. I wore my $200(RM400) Levi's jean(hey! it worth you know, crystalized) and my new pair of Nike sports shoes (HEY!!! my old sports shoe was really undescribeable).

This will surely make u stand in front of the mirror and say, "I LIKE MYSELF!!!" I got a lot of angpao...ahah.

then we visited a really reallly cool designed house. Got swimming pool one!!

On the second day afternoon, went back to Miri. I fetch my cousin's puppy!! soooo cute.
After that, there isn't anything really to do except watching my favourite drama Wei Xiao Pasta and crying for not doing my homework