Thursday, April 05, 2007

Battle of the Chain letters!!!

I hate chain letters a LOT! I believe only stupid freaks out there will actually believe it. And some even create it. Ok, maybe you will ask, why do you send it to me if you hate it? BECAUSE that's the revenge to those who are send tonnes and tonnes of stupid chain letters to me everyday. I am revenging. Yeah..kinda revengful.
Actually, I realise that chain letters has changed according to the time.
Last time, it is will be about the ghost thing.
"Hi, i am XXXX, and i am XX years old. I have no face no ear no mouth no nose. If you don forward this mail, i will stand beside your bed tonight and kill you."
I ever tried to ignore it and see if that is true. But i still dont know about it until today because everytime i try to see if it is true, i will be sleeping like a "sleeping beauty". Hmm..any of you know if it is true?
The 2nd version is:
You have been struck by blah blah fairy thingy and must be send within.... minutes, you are going to get lucky if you send to:
0~5: blah blah blah blah
6~10: you wil get even blah bloah blah blah
and more!!!!!
That's stupid. If that's going to make the sender lucky, then there will be no people who is still workless. People all around the world will get JACKPOT, TOTO everyday. We dont have to work, we dont have to do anything! We just have to sit in front of the computer and send endless of chain letters and we will become rich!
Yeah..That's right....
Then, there is another kind, the love thingy type...First, will say:"Make your wishes while scrolling down". Then,they will have endless of **** and ??? and make the mail REALLY LOONNNNGGG. Lastly, they will write:
"Repose this in ??? minutes with tittle 'How to be love by everyone' Post it and you will have your first kiss in 5 days/your crush will have a date with you tonight/your love will call you 3 minutes later, if you dont post it, ur wishes will be opposite."
Awww come on!!
Let's see...If i have a crush on...Rain (the Korean singer), and i send the chain letter... then after 3 mintues my phone rang and....
"Rain:Hi, Christine....Will you marry me???"

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