Friday, April 06, 2007

Chu ying's new forum

"Which name is better? uniter, united, untittle...."
"I dont know....untittle?? I dont know choose yourself"

That's a conversation between me and chu ying a few days ago. I still kept wondering about what she is going to do until yesterday. Oo...she is trying to create a forum. And, she did it. Yesterday, in school, she kept promoting her forum and told us to register there. I was quite confused at first. BUt itried it out.

There isnt much members until now, since it is only a few days old. We talk about a lot of things lo. But i think these topics are only interested by local teens la especially our friends. we did talk about Maple really that fun??, Any lover?,First Kiss, Making new and more friends, who we hate , fighting with family


This is what most of you out there are interested...while i am really angry about it...
you get to know the fei3 wen2 bf and gf of our friends around.
This forum is the right place to find.
Haih..but of course
You are not encourage to go this topic's board as you may become like san3 pa1

For the idol lover's out there, you also can get musics, photo and disccussion about your favourite idol whether there are taiwanese or korean or japan de...all there..and newest information too. ESPECIALLY JAY CHOU'S FANS, YOU MAY GO TOO AS THE WEB ADMISTRATOR HERSELF IS CRAZY OF HIM....which i hate it...

go now la..

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