Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chung Hua Brassband

Recently, my school's brassband are selling planner for raising money for their trip to Italy. Our school never had planners before. It cost us RM8. Well, i got one for FREE as my mom is teacher of the school (teachers get free planner). My friends bought it. I think it is quite worth it as you get all of our school's information in that book, the book is in a right size and it has a pretty cover. Hey, even if you dont want to use it as a planner, as a draft book also can bah....

Actually i was quite angry at first because we only got it until March, 2 months wasted. My softball coach who was chung hua's ex-student hate our brassband very much. He said, they were really annoying, embarassing and now they are going to Italy for *****sake! He also said our headmaster is being unreasonably nice to the brassband. Well, i dont agree with what he said about the headmaster but i think brassband is the club which spend most money in our school. The instruments are undescribable high but it is kinda worth it as many student who cant learn music at home can learn in school (if you dont mind about sharing instruments with saliva).

Pn.Soh (brassband advisory teacher and our Geography teacher) was kinda annoyed by the brassband this morning. It is early in the morning. She is trying to teach, we are trying to hear but the brassband which wasw training in the basketball court suddenly goes "BALALALABAAAAA, BaBABABABABABABA!....." ah dui....we cannot hear anything and most probarly SHOCKED! and the same rhythm repeated again and again. Well, you may go crazy and smack the brassband but hey, think another way, they are quite kesian too..(kesian=sympathic) They have to practise everydayfrom 6.30am to about 5.30pm.. Longer time than office hours. Sometime they have to stay until night at school (some said school is haunted). They trained and cannot study in class too. They have to have class activities later and have exams later.

Althought it was kinda hard to face it but they also enjoyed it very much. I will go jump down from the condominium opposite of the school if i really have to stand under the sun, blowing instruments, get scold by seniors, hated by classmates(one of my classmates dislike them), stay until night at school, no nap time, lots of homeworks to be done, stress, exams, no DOTA/Maple (for boys) while others enjoy discussing about games you are left out, insufficient sleep time......and now, they have to pay RM3000 to go to italy to perform..I wonder if they ever think about it: If, just IF,they didnt win in the competition in Italy, how are they going to face all of us when they come back? How they get the semangat to do face all of that??

But, i think they are going to win, if didnt win, at least got some prizes too!!! I have really high hope on them, and i think their seniors have too...

So Chung Hua Brassband, Gambateh!!!!
Best wishes.

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