Saturday, May 26, 2007

A happy holiday!

I am so so so happy!!! Tomorrow, i am going to AUSTRALIA!!! Ok, i know many of you wil say, so what, like no one's ever been there before! But this is my first time to get out of ASIA! Australia..the country with the kangaroos, koalas, NEMOs, DORYs, HAPPYFEETs and more. I visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast.

Little kangaroo poking its head of out the pocket.

And, what makes me even happier is, I AM GOING WITH MY FRIEND IN THE SAME FLIGHT! We didnt know anything until we meet this afternoon. I was so freaked out when i know about she is going to. So happy, we are going to spend a night 300,000m above the sea level in the plane.The flight is to Sydney. According to weather forcast, it is about 13 degree celcius there. Well, it is going to be chilly!

The legendary Sydney Opera House

Then, I am staying there before leaving for Gold Coast. Whooohoo Gold Coast. I am going to DreamWorld. When i say DreamWorld, it is really going to be a dream world! Well, it is actually a Theme Park la.


It has 5 big thrill rides! The one i wanted to ride most is Tower of Terror. It held a record of being the tallest theme rides in the world!! 120m above sea level!!!

Then, we are going to Melbourne where my cousins stay. MELBOURNE is Australia's second-largest city, with a population of 3.4 million, around half a million less than Sydney. Rivalry between the two cities – in every sphere from cricket to business – is on an almost childish level.

Melbourne is colder than the above 2. My sis say we are going to Phillip Island to see penguin. OMG! I never see cute penguins in real life. Well, i hope they will tap their feet nad sing like in HappyFeet to attract our attention.


After that, we are going back to Sydney. Staying there for 1 more day then back.



-NicholasW- said...
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-NicholasW- said...

can go 2gether? haha...jkjk...but I reli wan to go aus, juz for 1 time, be4 I go there for my study...haiz my dad not same like ur dad...he always say " I m buzy, cannot go..."

However, hope u enjoy ur trip very much~~~!!!

"gan gege?" ^^"

My Stories said...

i love sdney christine!!!