Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! Crikey! Kangaroo!

Me and my family are finally back from Australia. Yeah, it was a fun trip. We use Royal Brunei's night flight to get to Sydney. But before departing, we have our dinner at the airport. So, you think those are just lots of ketchups?? Yeah, they are, but for us to use as cultery to eat our food. Brunei is rich, why? They have to use lots of ketcups to make a solid spoon that just use ores...

Inflight, we have TVs. But overhead ones only. Then, they kept serving us foods. GAH! I am so full, kept eating only,

The good thing is, we get to see sunrise above clouds...magical!
I watched 'The Persuite of Happiness' and 'Just for Laughs' and 'Frasier'. I cant sleep!!!

Once we reached there, the cold air just 'BOOOSSSHHH' rush into our clothes..woooo!

We checked into Holiday Inn in Darling Harbour. Then, we have our breakfast at McD's. My first meal outside Asia in my favourite place. Their McD have more things for breakfast instead of just Hash Browns...

We got to Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife in the morning. It was really fantastic. We went for city tour in the afternoon. the bas ran around the city. I realise that Aussies really nuts bout coffee, they have coffees shops EVERYWHERE, EVERY STREET! I slept in the bas most of the time(that's why i complain i cant sleep just now!). We reach Bondi beach. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Instead of having stupid bottles at our Tanjung Lobang, they have white,clean sands exclude it was cold. There were many surfers too. I secretly grab some sands with a plastic bag for souvenire (IT IS LEGAL!)..hehe
I hate one thing about ang mos, THEY CANT TOLERATE! I was talking to my sis in bas then the ang mo sat in front goes,'SHHHH..shhh...shhhh.....shut up..shhh...' As if he didnt talk!! WHY CANT I TALK TOO? IT ISNT ILLEGAL TO TALK IN THE BAS! I AM NOT SHOUTING, JUST TALKING!!!

2nd day, Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. The way to these places are remarkable, just like the scene in 'The Sound of Music' where that girl sings and runs..
Blue Mountain is a place where they dig out coals. And Jenolan Caves, zzz, ya they got pretty rocks but those Ang Mo really have great imaginations. They imagine as what pop what snake what actors what statue.....And they kept bragging 'Ooohh how big this cave is, see how high!' Ooii, come to Mulu la.
3rd day, GOLD COAST in Queensland. Wao! This place is like Heaven on Earth!!! Even though it is winter, it is still quite warmth. Our hotel is Legends Hotel,Surfers Paradise, the greatest spot for a great view from hotel room.
I went to Dreamworld, a theme park, had 5 big thrill rides.Scary, the tower of terror is the world tallest theme park tower...Imagine, dropping from the top of it. But no matter how scary it is, it is still not to compete with our very own Fun Fair in the Boulevard's car park with no safety jaminan.
At night, there is a market by the beach. They sell all sorts of things.Next Day, we went to the beach. I wore my shorts and t shirts. It was really wonderful, amazing, no-word-to-describe....which, i forgot to bring my camera..awwaawww.After that, we went to buy some food and decided to cook in the hotel ourself. It was really nice which my camera battery is flat again...awaaawaawaawwww....We went to Melbourne in the afternoon. Melbourne was really chilly!!! At about 10 to 13 degree celcius. We went to a tour next day. The first stop for the tour is Gurdney's Winery. We get to taste wines.
I like Port most.

Then, we went to Maru Fauna Park. I saw Wombats baby, koala and kangaroos and farm animals. I get to hand fed them!!! So happy! The koala there is the biggest species in the world!

We went to Phillip Island then. Aaa!!! I ride in a helicopter!!!! PRIVATELY!!!! SO HAPPY!!! Here are the views from above(WOW!):

Then, we went to see Fairy penguins/little penguin, the most tiny penguin in the world. We cant take photo for their own stupid comercial reasons. Once I take out my camera, they shout' NO CAMERAS!' then come lecture me. HOW STUPID! When u go to the souvenires shop, u can see thousands of photos taken on the penguin again!!! That really pressed my button!!!!Next day, we went to have tram ride around the city. Saw a lot of things..just too many to list it out. But i like a road show by a funny guy most.

We went back to Sydney the following day. We stay by the river. We went to Captain Cook Cruises for dinner. I saw Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge. So beautiful.

Suddenly, the woman singing on stage pulledme up to the middle of the dance floor. I was so shocked. She called me to dance. But my head was blank. She did some silly moves and i just, well, copied her. GAH! Everyone was looking at me....Embarssing enough.

Last day, but the surprises did not end yet. I went on the most happy flight ever. We got our own personal TV every seat and there are many empty seats. I go to a double empty seat, put up the armrest and sleep soundly. Hhaaha.. Then, i watched a lot of movies too (Wild Hogs, Musics Lyrics, the Astronut Farmer).

That ends my great trip to Australia.

Conclusion: The scences in Australia is wonderful, but those ang mo really cant tolerate!

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-NicholasW- said...

waaa...hao3 xian4 mu4 o~
Australia look so nice ler...especially the view...I like the sydney's nitez view the most...look so pretty...

Aiya~ no penguin de pic la...hao ke xi...I wan see fat fat de penguin!!!...If got chance, should hug de koala ler...but y cannot hug or even to touch them? LAME~...tat is small kangaroo?...the "adult" kangaroo doesn't look so short one gua...y cannot see kangaroo step on Christine de? If I was de kangaroo, I will step step step...muahahaha

****...still can ride in a helicopter...eat "mei shi"...argghhh...unfair!!! y I nid "enjoy" my holiday at home~!Then u can go aus~~~!!!

Tat plane is 747 ritez? Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves...Sydney Aquarium...not bad...But u eat so much, u don scare becom fat arr? later "HE" don wan u~ haha^^ o ya...the big big bottle de wine...may I noe how much one cost? I sure tat my dad will like it vry much >.<

I should say one thing>>> Luckily u change u hair style...if no, really will spoil the pic~ (mean now u look better, so don feel angry)

Haiz~ no gift for me...so dissapointed la~ never mind never mind~