Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why ang mo can have such beautiful....

Something different: Pak lAh , our beloved prime minister is getting married again! Congrats!!:)
Why ang mo can have such beautiful:
See, how pretty, why cant we have those here? Their roses, grow like crazy almost everywhere without people taking care. But ours leh? Only lalangs grow like crazy everywhere without people taking care.
How bout daisy? They have daisies by the road sides!!! Pretty ones. But ours le?
They have lots more flowers!!!

ang mo can have such beautiful:
Their beach are like heaven! clean sands, clear water with muscular surfers, but ours le?? *sob* sea water with mud and botels, sand with muscular surfers, only ah sam who catch bubuk....i didnt even dare to keep imagining....:'(

Why ang mo can have such beautiful:
they have so many cute cute de wildlife la. KANGAROO..llama, kOaLA, parrot who can say hello in standard british, sharks, seagull...'I am a skink..know where my head is??'

Why angmo have such beautiful:
numbers in bank account or salary slip
Their salary per month without converting into our money, the number is already bigger! Imagine converting into in ringgit pity! To Kenny sia, they already can be a millionare without converting to rupiahs la...

But still!
Ang mo cant have such beautiful TOLERATION! We, malaysians, should be proud about our toleration! we can tolerate almost about anything! we even tolerate our kiasusm and tolerate when people throw rubbish out of their car windows. When i mean tolerate, i mean we dont beat them up except for ah beng la.


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Christine said...

but after thinking more, i think malaysia have more. Just that we didnt let ppl know about it..we should show more about our wildlife, beaches...and make numbers in the salaray slip PRETTIER!!!