Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Book Sale! Book Sale!

Something different: Sometimes, a friend who can just simply have a long loooooonnnggg talk with you, are the ones comforting. thanks, and i really appreciate you.
Yippeee..when i thought today i dont have to go to school because yesterday they suddenly cancelled the PASCA for today. Since PMR, we never have a proper holiday. Everyone on this world has already thought that all form 3 must have gone for holiday, but NO!...Our PASCA PMR, (PASCA means lepas) a program for all form 3 students. Sometimes i think it was kinda lame lame, but still, i had very very sweet memories on the mini sports day(WE ARE THE CHAMPION, MY FRIEND!!) and i look forward for the visiting and competitions that are coming soon!!!

Ok, back to today. But then, i thought of an even greater idea. Instead of laying around at home, i'll sale my reference books! (I have prepared for this day since the day after PMR) I phoned my friend and go go go!!

Mei Ching and Ee ping's master art. :p

I was shocked of the amount of books i have! 12 HUGE Boulevard bags of BOOK! 6 of them are form 3 ones. Ish..fine, i'll just sale the form 3 ones to the form 2 today.

OMG, form 3 only o, FORM 3 ONLY!!!!!

I guessed we prepared too early. While waiting for the recess time for the form 2, we are really bored....time passed very slow.
Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow,
creeps in a petty pace from day to day.
Argh, why does this English literature poem suddenly pop up...Dead of boredom, maybe. We started to play childish games.

Our stall's advertising method:Waving this paper at the windows to attract any passer-by
Totally embarrassing. I ran to the form 2 classes to inform them too. Still, there were a lot of time! (weird, i always say there isn't enough time)
Childish games starts. We saw paper cups here and there and nylon strings too. Let's make a what do you call that, that thing...the 'phone'!!
Communicating with the 'phone'
It is a nice and easy way to communicate..even though it isn't very clear......And there is Kit How. He is bored too. Guess what?
He picked the 'phone' and joined us too. LOL!!

There is kit how with the 'phone'

Kit how...putting the 'phone' at his chest (what are you thinking?)...using it as a stethoscope

When we were finally bored of it, it was time too. So we sale our books. Guess, how is our business??

Customers: 2 (Sisters)

Buyers: the same person...

Earnings: RM 14 for 7 books..

VERY At least, I had a lot of fun! Let's see for tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Papaya Tree, not bad!

I remember when i was in primary 1 or 2, I used to write essays like The Uses of Coconut Tree. And something that really attracts my attention that time is the picure given by the title. It has a tall coconut tree in the middle, often have a few coconuts falling down and sometimes, a poor guy standing below. I wonder what happens to that guy. All of us always wrote about the same thing-food...broom...blah blah blah, i forgot. (Have really bad memory power when i was small, still not retarded yet)

Yesterday, my mom asked me picked a few papaya from the tall papaya tree at the back because the tree was too tall. 9 big riped papayas from a single tree in a single day, shockingly.

See how tall the tree is, taller than the 2-floored house!
9 papayas...1 day, 1 tree

Then i figured out a new essay title. Recommended for primary 1 and 2!!bear with the kids' naif and stupidity. Here it goes:


Papaya trees are very common and popular among Malaysians. A papaya tree have many parts, like bark, leaves, fruit, roots and flower.

Papaya, which is the fruit, is very tasty. I like it very much especially when it is make into milkshake. It is orange when riped and juicy. It has a lot of black seed which looks like frog's eggs.

Papaya tree's leaves are very useful too. It can as an umbrella or as a fan. It is very nice during hot day. It can also be used to decorate our houses.
My costume..maybe for halloween, lol!

The stem, can be used to make furnitures. Furnitures made from papaya tree's bark are high quality furnitures. The bark can also be use to make brigde.

Papaya tree has a lot of uses. I like papaya tree.

OK FINE! Maybe not for the stem as a bridge part, but hey, it'sprimary 1 and i remember i wrote something like that for the coconut tree. LOL!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doggie's Fashion Show!

Fashion for doggies? No, it doesnt have to be clothes from pet shops! They are very expensive and uncomfortable for our dogs.
This is our model for today, Zhu Zhu. A Shih Tzu. This is before any make up or clothes. Boring right??
And first, this is the most trendy style for doggies for this coming Spring!!!
Plain but cute!
Pink ribbon with some pink locks. Doesnt it look like Gollilocks?! (LOL!)
Then, here comes the SUMMER! This is really hot hot hot! Literally HOT!
A leave from the papaya tree and naked Zhu Zhu. With this style, your dog will surely catch everyone's attention!!!
THEN THE AUTUMN...the romantic season.....
Green shirt and leaves.... Green and brown, the symbolic colour for Autumn...
Ermm...about the Winter. Please wait. The Winter Fashion Style will be out after a few posts..
After finish viewing the remarkable 2007/08 Doggie Fashion Show, lets relax and watch an exciting COCONUT LEAGUE.
The Mad Dogs Team VS The Designer's Team
Boyboy and Toto in the Mad Dogs Team versus Me and my stick in the Designer's Team!

Boy boy throwing the ball with its mouth.

And that ends the 2007/08 DOGGIES FASHION SHOW!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

MSS Miri makes me.....

Note: I will upload photos soon, something wrong with internet connection.Interesting pics. So remember to check back every HALF HOURS! Lol... Something different: A good movie can really motivate ones. If you are feeling down sometimes, like me this morning, watch some motivating movies. It can really help you. Recommended : Meet the Robinsons by Walt Disney Pictures

MSS Miri, stands for Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Miri. It was held every single year. And this year, the forms 3 are called to help in organizing the competition for the catergory of 13 years old, ofcourse, that means i have to get invovlved too. :p This competition was held for 2 days. I wanted to be in the receptionist's team but for some !@#$%^&* reasons,i wasnt in there. !@#$%^&!!!!! watever. I became Ketua Balapan. Many dont know what does this team does. So do i before this. The Balapan team= judges! Lol. Judges for seeing if the participants in track competitions are following the rules or not. i mean when they are running. So, it also means that i have to catch their mistakes when their moving in really fast speed! All our team members are given 2 flags, white flags for clear, yellow flag for got problem. It asll went quite well. And when it was 2000m berhalangan, i saw them jumping into the water like kerbau...very very funny. Except when something very very unreasonable happened!

It was when the 4x400m race and i was at the first passing baton zone. I saw one of them was passing their baton too early. I quickly put up the flag. Then that @#$%^&* coach of the school (its name starts with a "L" ends with "G" and one word name) say why i am the one judging! You, stupid !@#$%^& idiot! BECAUSE I AM THE KETUA BALAPAN THAT MAKES ME THE ONE JUDGING YOUR STUPID TEAM WHO DONT KNOW THE RULE GETTING A PENALTY! AND I AM STANDING AT THE MOST OBVIOUS POSITION FOR CATCHING YOUR TEAM! He was so "bu gan yuan" and kept on complaining on and on! All the teachers came. Luckily they support me! Hahaha...I wasnt wrong, i am just doing my job.(Then, at the lompat jauh there, when they finished their competition, that coach was called to leave but then he doesnt want to leave, because he said they are going to change their marks if he leaves so he is staying there until they finish counting the marks. OMG!)

But something cools me off the second day. It was raining and the competitions was still going on. And us, the balapan, were very very noble indeed. We have to sacrifice ourselves to stand in the rain there, judging them. We are not allowed to bring umbrellas even though i brought it. I was totally wet. They run and run. Suddenly, when a boy run until in front of me, passing by....he fell down and lay there, crying. His legs are cramp. And me there, with no idea what to do except for calming him down and staying him out of the track and rain. I just shout "PBSM!!!!!!!"....then they came. Haha and guess what? Later then i found out that is a student from the school same as the stupid coach is! They treated me like that, and i saved him. Hmmm...I thought that was going to make me regret, but no, i felt better! and HAPPY!!!The moral value that i have learnt is help others even though they treated you badly, something unexpected might happen!

It ended with a closing ceremony. I was one of those those when the sports team walks, they walk in front there, holding the board with the name of the team...We were required to wear tradisional clothes of Malaysia. Luckily i was wearing chinese's clothes, but this clothes are kinda weird. Nevermind......AND THE WINNER IS SMK CHUNG HUA MIRI!!! oh yeah! Chung Hua rules!!(I'll show the picture later..update it later, now internet connection got problem!)

Conclusion: This sports day is very very fun and nice indeed. I have learn a lot of things. And that's it. ( Not good at making conclusion...)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Impromtu public speaking?!

Something different: the so-called "great" game, Maple really has magic? I was nearly influenced by it to start playing that game. I was once an anti-maple person. But now, i dont seem to care much but at least i am not falling for it......because i dont know how to download. LOL! You dont teach me!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting, scariest and happy moment of my life. I won the Impromptu public speaking competition about Healthy Eateries!!!

My trophy!! Heavy and real, not kosong one!

I think it may be my last minute effort that has work. I was confirm to be in the competition on Monday then i have to compete on Tuesday? I was so shocked. At first, i didn't think i can make it and was really not confident in this. I felt like giving up. But then, what to do? There are no choices but to head for it. I prepared the notes until 1 am. LOL!!

I was sooooo nervous on that day. Before going up the stage, all participants are quarantined. Instead of reading our notes, we were laughing away while waiting for our turn. Then, it was my turn. OMG!!! I am the only with no whatsoever experience, not even public speaking competition in our school!! and worst, i usually speak Mandarin! broken English too...

I walked up the stage. All the lights are concentrated on the spot i was supposed to stand with a mic there. The judges sit beside the stage and lots of audience. I cant find where my supporters are!!! no time for wondering or panic. The MC gave me a few strips of paper with speech titles on it. I simply choose one. "The Role of Food Handler in Healthy Eateries". OMG, this is one of the topic i prepared last night!!!

But i was still panic, tense, scared, nervous.......I simply speak anything that comes to my mind that moment. I didn't really know what i am talking about. I heard people down there laughing. What did i do wrongly?? Still, i continued. Blah blah blah, the fourth minute bell rang. 1 minute left. I still kept on going and going and going....Coincidentally, when the fifth minute bell rang, I said "thankyou" at the same time. Phew....i felt relieved. It ended, finally.

After having a tea break, and Datuk Wee Han Wen gave his speech and a few more speeches...The scariest moment started. We were all given souvenir. A toiletries bag from Columbia Asia and a mystery present which later i knew it was bag and file.

"Yes, now, we are going to give prizes to the 3 winners...." the MC said. OMG....The third was not me...the second prize...not me again, it was St.Co's hope already, i thought cause, me, the experiences?? last minute preparation?? First prize???er...Then, she said, "The champion goes to Christine Wong from SMK Chung Hua Miri!" Me? I couldnt believe it....And other participants beside me keep saying to me, "It's you, you..go quick!!"

So...i am the champion. My heart leap sky high! Secret to success: 99% last minute preparation, 1% beginner's luck. Haha!!

Prizes: RM150, trophy and certificate. Others are souveniers


This morning, i was shocked. me? on the newspaper? coloured page? picture??? name on the title??omg....this But most of it, Happy!

Sin Chew Daily News' news and there's me! The one receiving the prizze...which my back to the camera...-.-(My mom scolded me for that)

News from United Daily News

And i saw one too from See Hua Daily News but i didnt buy the newspaper....Who can give me??

Happy!! Grateful!! Hope it will happen again soon!!

p/s: Instead of having even more enemies through this competition, i have met more friends, including the one who got second prize, Xu Mei Ling, 2 islam girls with really long names which i cant remember and Adeline Peter. I love u guys....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally, solid food!

Something different: Something shocking yet happy has happened today, keep following this blog and you will know soon!
After 8 days of no solid food at all, i finally can eat solid food! SOLID!
I finally went to my favourite restaurant today! McDonalds! Oh yeah... But i still didnt dare to eat burgers. So i chose my seond favourite, apple pie...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Something different: Click on the 'Technorati' on the sidebar, to see ur blog's ranking and make my site one of Ur favourite. Lol...(No, it is not Italian) so my rank wouldn't be so pathetic! OMG, 3774560??? So far away??

I know this is a bit late and out-of-date but i still think this movie is Highly recommendable- Ratatouille!!! A touching, funny, unrealistic adn remarkable movie!!!
A little rat, Remy, which lives in the Parisian sewers, directly below the restaurant made famous by his idol, Chef Auguste Gusteau(Brad Garrett). His deepest desire is to follow in his culinary hero's footsteps. (Fine, i copied that from the DVD cover, i'll stop now!) Haha. He learnt how to cook from the idol's book, "Anyone can cook!". You can keep listening to "Anyone can cook but not everyone can be a great cook" in the movie. Remy met a young man who was useless at everything (The garbage boy!). Then he puppet-ed this young men. Using his hair? to control his movements. The young man was Gusteau's son and work in his restaurant after Gusteau passed away. With their cooperation, the restaurant became popular once more because after the chef's death, it was terrible. In the middle there, these 2 had some fight but still manage to be friends.

One day, the food critic, Anton Ego-the grim eater, lol!! came. The 'little chef' cook something called "ratatouille" which is a peasant dish for him. This dish reminds the critic about his childhood. Something about his mother cooking it for him. he couldn't believe it was a rat behind all this after all. Finally, he knew the truth, and was touched, agreed by Gusteau's Anyone can Cook.

This movie ends with a happy ending, with the young man found his love and Remy became the top chef of PAREESSS....!!(fine, Paris!)

As i was wondering, what if this is real? Beware of the food next time you go to Paris!!!
p/s:I have missed out a lot in this post. If you really haven't watch, go watch now! If u did, watch again!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cooking day!!

Something different: Suddenly, i felt that CLEO is actually kinda not bad.

Since my mom's not home/no transport/no activities/bored, I have to cook for myself today(which i think my dad and bro couldn't really cook). I wasn't really good at cooking, but at least, those food are still eatable. My mom prepared some ingredients for me, so i just have to do the last bit.

I woke up at 12pm. Muahahaha, really late. I skipped my breakfast then, straight to lunch. I took the cold half-cooked porridge out of the fridge. Blend it, since i cant chew with the braces on. Then warm it. After 10 minutes, TAD AAA! Pumpkin porridge done! Let's decorate it with some Bovril, lol.

My "artistic" pumpkin porridge!
So, my lunch is done. After a few hours, hungry again. I fix myself an afternoon tea. Lol. I saw the pudding powder on the table and decided to make A PUDDING! YUM!!! Melon flavour, lol. Cooked it, chilled it. Done. Plus, i blend some apple juice tooo. A delicious and almost perfect tea!
My Melon Pudding and Apple Juice. YUMMY!!

Top View of my pudding!

I became so addicted to making pudding, i decided to make another one. Lol!! Melon+Mango+Lychee flavour pudding. 3 "floored" pudding. Very cute, attractive and tasty!!
Lovely pudding by me!!!
Top view of my lovely pudding. Cute le?!

Who wants to eat!?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Public transportation in, around, above, under...Singapore

Something different: The World's Oldest Blogger is actually 108 years old. (Cant imagine a 108-years-old me sitting in front of the computer, still blogging, and fingers moving sooooo slow....)Visit her blog at .

"OmG,jammed, jammed, jammed...everyday jammed! can't they move their car's butts off this spot??!!"You might be thinking that when you are in Singapore..worst, driving. So, here's me, the one who haven't even learn how to drive, talking about public transportation in Singapore to you. hhaaha.
#1 !!!! MRT

Singaporeans' favourite (I think)

MRT Route

Cost: Differ from place to place...but using an Ez-Link card is the cheapest!But always remember to top-up your card)

Time taken: Fast, no traffic jammed, but need to wait for a few minutes before it arrives. Most is 5 mins.

Other Advantages: Air-conditioned, dont have to drive yourself, dont need to worry about parking lots

Disadvantages: Really crowded for most of the time, sometimes you have to stand, you cant eat in it especially durians, you have to smell others' fart/armpit(lol)

Rating: 8/10

I stood for 24 minutes...cause no seats

#2 Bus!!!

Bus! Here! OI! OI! that one!!
Cost: Differ from place to place, but a lot more cheaper than LRT or taxi.(cheaper? ez-link card please!)

Time Taken: You have to wait for most 15 minutes before the next bus arrive. They wont wait for you if you missed. The bus stops at almost every bus stop...taking lots of time. But still, OK.

Other Advantages: Got TV!! Got great views if you are using the double-Decker!!! Air-cond!

TV in the bus...everyone of them....

Disadvantages: You have to wait for a long time before the bus actually arrive, they don't for you in case you missed ur stop, have to 'fight' with others to get into the bus.

You have to wait and wait..and....

and wait...and wait....

Rating: 7/10

#3!!! Taxi!!

Cost: Expensive...extra charges again on public holidays...

Time taken: Short, i think...unless got traffic conjunction...

Advantages: Drop you off any places you like, privacy, air-cond., no need to walk very far to find it (like MRT stations..or bus stops...)

Disadvantages: some !@#$%^&* reckless driver drive like crazy that may harm your life/asking stupid questions that make no sense, the car may smelled..traffic jams..

Dont misunderstood, this is a good driver...

Ratings: (good drivers) 9/10 (bad drivers) 4/10

#5 Bicycles (not really public, but still worth to inroduce)

Cost: normally bicycle cost about RM100 till ................dont know la, just very cheap

Time taken: Long time...LOOOOOOOOOONGGGG time, my friend...

Advantages: Jian fei(burning fats in ur body), healthy, can have your own vehicles, can enjoy the scenery slowly...

Disadvantages: Without proper training, you cant cycle up the hill/cycle fast and in time, sweaty..mess...dangerous(car accident)

Ratings: 5/10

#6 You legs(Duh i mean walking la...)


Cost: If you are really really poor, i guess you have no options but to use this. It's a gift from God. So use it wisely.

Time taken:It's a big world, it's a long time...

Advantages: Again, burn ur body fats, healthy, can go almost anywhere, enjoy the scenery, built up your muslces..

Disadvantages: Raining/very hot, need to bring umbrella, tiring

Ratings: 10/10 (no matter what, it is still free, right?)


1. Sampan

O COME ON!in Singapore? unless you are a fisherman!

2. Aeroplane
Very popular. Main way to get into Singapore. Can go to Changi airport. Really Expensive (airaisa full fare to JB is about RM900). Not recommended for short distances, e.g. from Clarke Quay to Vivo City...(what for???!!!)
Anymore transportations??? tell me...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Something different: Pigs aren't lazy, sloths are.....
AAAAAhhhhh...wearing braces

No way, this is not my many things...

Last Monday, I went to the dentist, to face the challenge. Before anything starts, he asked again, " Are you sure you are really ready for this?" What else can I say?? I just nodded my head. After 1.5 hours, omg....i am wearing braces...

I laugh daftly at myself. Weird eh?? Those wires and metals and plastics sticking at your teeth, 24-7. I am going to wear it approximately for 1.5 years. (is 1.5 something important?)

I thought i was going to look a geek like in those cartoons

OMG....I certainly doesn't want to look like that, even though i am not image conscious.

Some of my friends say my face look plum...or why i puff my face the whole day...or why i cant speak clearly like i always do?? Cause i am wearing braces ok....And you are going to face that kind of me for 1.5 years!!!!

I was so worried. But after taking my first photo after wearing braces, i guess it wasn't so bad after all. LOL!!!

Smile brightly even though you are wearing braces!!!