Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Book Sale! Book Sale!

Something different: Sometimes, a friend who can just simply have a long loooooonnnggg talk with you, are the ones comforting. thanks, and i really appreciate you.
Yippeee..when i thought today i dont have to go to school because yesterday they suddenly cancelled the PASCA for today. Since PMR, we never have a proper holiday. Everyone on this world has already thought that all form 3 must have gone for holiday, but NO!...Our PASCA PMR, (PASCA means lepas) a program for all form 3 students. Sometimes i think it was kinda lame lame, but still, i had very very sweet memories on the mini sports day(WE ARE THE CHAMPION, MY FRIEND!!) and i look forward for the visiting and competitions that are coming soon!!!

Ok, back to today. But then, i thought of an even greater idea. Instead of laying around at home, i'll sale my reference books! (I have prepared for this day since the day after PMR) I phoned my friend and go go go!!

Mei Ching and Ee ping's master art. :p

I was shocked of the amount of books i have! 12 HUGE Boulevard bags of BOOK! 6 of them are form 3 ones. Ish..fine, i'll just sale the form 3 ones to the form 2 today.

OMG, form 3 only o, FORM 3 ONLY!!!!!

I guessed we prepared too early. While waiting for the recess time for the form 2, we are really bored....time passed very slow.
Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow,
creeps in a petty pace from day to day.
Argh, why does this English literature poem suddenly pop up...Dead of boredom, maybe. We started to play childish games.

Our stall's advertising method:Waving this paper at the windows to attract any passer-by
Totally embarrassing. I ran to the form 2 classes to inform them too. Still, there were a lot of time! (weird, i always say there isn't enough time)
Childish games starts. We saw paper cups here and there and nylon strings too. Let's make a what do you call that, that thing...the 'phone'!!
Communicating with the 'phone'
It is a nice and easy way to communicate..even though it isn't very clear......And there is Kit How. He is bored too. Guess what?
He picked the 'phone' and joined us too. LOL!!

There is kit how with the 'phone'

Kit how...putting the 'phone' at his chest (what are you thinking?)...using it as a stethoscope

When we were finally bored of it, it was time too. So we sale our books. Guess, how is our business??

Customers: 2 (Sisters)

Buyers: the same person...

Earnings: RM 14 for 7 books..

VERY At least, I had a lot of fun! Let's see for tomorrow.


~界豪^^ said...

wah, i am so ugly ler...

Christine said...

where got???