Thursday, October 11, 2007

While waiting for the nuffnang ads company to approve my blog, I join This Advertising company is really nice i think. They dont care about your traffic either. Just register, wait for the ads a while, then start to earn money! i just join a few minutes ago and money already started to roll in..wooohooo haha.

They are organizing a lot of competitions for us to blog about. This month's title is: Have you received your advertlets cheques? and what are you going to do with it? A really reasonable question. Well, i never thought of it before. Since they asked, i might as well think about it.

It was really sweet of for organizing this competition and offered RM20. I never earn money by myself. Well, not really working and earning it by myself thingy. Just money from friends because of helping stuffs. But an hour ago, I just received my first ever RM0.01! Hey, dont go "Puff...cheh..Rm0.01 nia!" But i earned it by myself. I believed i can earn more in the future. No, i havent received my cheque. WHAT FOR i cashout that rm0.01??

I think, if i really won that RM20 from this competition..hmmm...RM20, not too much but not little too. I think i will save it up and until i collect enough money, I will buy myself a SLR CAMERA!! OOOOOO...


My brother bought one earlier. The photo quality was really shocking. So clear, so sharp, so pretty...even the ugliest thing will become pretty. No wonder the professionals like it so much!

No that my original Sony T9 is not good enough, but this is better. I know it doesnt look nice(bulky,big, black,not fashinable) but who cares, it makes u look pretty in the picture it taken. Plus, you will look like a professional photograher in it..haha..

So, that's what i want if i got that RM20!!! Show me the money!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. SLR camera?? nice!!! Hope you collect enough money then.~