Friday, October 19, 2007

Cooking day!!

Something different: Suddenly, i felt that CLEO is actually kinda not bad.

Since my mom's not home/no transport/no activities/bored, I have to cook for myself today(which i think my dad and bro couldn't really cook). I wasn't really good at cooking, but at least, those food are still eatable. My mom prepared some ingredients for me, so i just have to do the last bit.

I woke up at 12pm. Muahahaha, really late. I skipped my breakfast then, straight to lunch. I took the cold half-cooked porridge out of the fridge. Blend it, since i cant chew with the braces on. Then warm it. After 10 minutes, TAD AAA! Pumpkin porridge done! Let's decorate it with some Bovril, lol.

My "artistic" pumpkin porridge!
So, my lunch is done. After a few hours, hungry again. I fix myself an afternoon tea. Lol. I saw the pudding powder on the table and decided to make A PUDDING! YUM!!! Melon flavour, lol. Cooked it, chilled it. Done. Plus, i blend some apple juice tooo. A delicious and almost perfect tea!
My Melon Pudding and Apple Juice. YUMMY!!

Top View of my pudding!

I became so addicted to making pudding, i decided to make another one. Lol!! Melon+Mango+Lychee flavour pudding. 3 "floored" pudding. Very cute, attractive and tasty!!
Lovely pudding by me!!!
Top view of my lovely pudding. Cute le?!

Who wants to eat!?


Mortan said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO cute. I want to eat. Delicious?

-NicholasW- said...

walao~ reli look nice... but dunno delicious or not... next time cook for me eh XD haha...

...Janice... said...

i want i want!!! is it kinda ma fan making few flavours at a time?? the whole packet only use a little bit only..