Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doggie's Fashion Show!

Fashion for doggies? No, it doesnt have to be clothes from pet shops! They are very expensive and uncomfortable for our dogs.
This is our model for today, Zhu Zhu. A Shih Tzu. This is before any make up or clothes. Boring right??
And first, this is the most trendy style for doggies for this coming Spring!!!
Plain but cute!
Pink ribbon with some pink locks. Doesnt it look like Gollilocks?! (LOL!)
Then, here comes the SUMMER! This is really hot hot hot! Literally HOT!
A leave from the papaya tree and naked Zhu Zhu. With this style, your dog will surely catch everyone's attention!!!
THEN THE AUTUMN...the romantic season.....
Green shirt and leaves.... Green and brown, the symbolic colour for Autumn...
Ermm...about the Winter. Please wait. The Winter Fashion Style will be out after a few posts..
After finish viewing the remarkable 2007/08 Doggie Fashion Show, lets relax and watch an exciting COCONUT LEAGUE.
The Mad Dogs Team VS The Designer's Team
Boyboy and Toto in the Mad Dogs Team versus Me and my stick in the Designer's Team!

Boy boy throwing the ball with its mouth.

And that ends the 2007/08 DOGGIES FASHION SHOW!!!


Christine said...

Funny dog.
Hey, anyone got any idea of what winter fashion should look like?
p/s: my dog is like pondan already lol!

-NicholasW- said...

zhu zhu is a "boy" or a "girl" ==" ...

penny said...

Nowadays dogs are usually being treated better than a human, haha. The dog is so cute