Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Impromtu public speaking?!

Something different: the so-called "great" game, Maple really has magic? I was nearly influenced by it to start playing that game. I was once an anti-maple person. But now, i dont seem to care much but at least i am not falling for it......because i dont know how to download. LOL! You dont teach me!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting, scariest and happy moment of my life. I won the Impromptu public speaking competition about Healthy Eateries!!!

My trophy!! Heavy and real, not kosong one!

I think it may be my last minute effort that has work. I was confirm to be in the competition on Monday then i have to compete on Tuesday? I was so shocked. At first, i didn't think i can make it and was really not confident in this. I felt like giving up. But then, what to do? There are no choices but to head for it. I prepared the notes until 1 am. LOL!!

I was sooooo nervous on that day. Before going up the stage, all participants are quarantined. Instead of reading our notes, we were laughing away while waiting for our turn. Then, it was my turn. OMG!!! I am the only with no whatsoever experience, not even public speaking competition in our school!! and worst, i usually speak Mandarin! broken English too...

I walked up the stage. All the lights are concentrated on the spot i was supposed to stand with a mic there. The judges sit beside the stage and lots of audience. I cant find where my supporters are!!! no time for wondering or panic. The MC gave me a few strips of paper with speech titles on it. I simply choose one. "The Role of Food Handler in Healthy Eateries". OMG, this is one of the topic i prepared last night!!!

But i was still panic, tense, scared, nervous.......I simply speak anything that comes to my mind that moment. I didn't really know what i am talking about. I heard people down there laughing. What did i do wrongly?? Still, i continued. Blah blah blah, the fourth minute bell rang. 1 minute left. I still kept on going and going and going....Coincidentally, when the fifth minute bell rang, I said "thankyou" at the same time. Phew....i felt relieved. It ended, finally.

After having a tea break, and Datuk Wee Han Wen gave his speech and a few more speeches...The scariest moment started. We were all given souvenir. A toiletries bag from Columbia Asia and a mystery present which later i knew it was bag and file.

"Yes, now, we are going to give prizes to the 3 winners...." the MC said. OMG....The third was not me...the second prize...not me again, it was St.Co's hope already, i thought cause, me, the experiences?? last minute preparation?? First prize???er...Then, she said, "The champion goes to Christine Wong from SMK Chung Hua Miri!" Me? I couldnt believe it....And other participants beside me keep saying to me, "It's you, you..go quick!!"

So...i am the champion. My heart leap sky high! Secret to success: 99% last minute preparation, 1% beginner's luck. Haha!!

Prizes: RM150, trophy and certificate. Others are souveniers


This morning, i was shocked. me? on the newspaper? coloured page? picture??? name on the title??omg....this But most of it, Happy!

Sin Chew Daily News' news and there's me! The one receiving the prizze...which my back to the camera...-.-(My mom scolded me for that)

News from United Daily News

And i saw one too from See Hua Daily News but i didnt buy the newspaper....Who can give me??

Happy!! Grateful!! Hope it will happen again soon!!

p/s: Instead of having even more enemies through this competition, i have met more friends, including the one who got second prize, Xu Mei Ling, 2 islam girls with really long names which i cant remember and Adeline Peter. I love u guys....


...Janice... said...

Congratez!!! really really congratez!!!christine wong memang christine wong..haha...

p.s. wana say tat in msn but u were away n i hav 2 off9 liao..sry

-NicholasW- said...

kei si la u... lolz... anyway... congratz to u for getting the first in the competition~

Shar said... happy hor. beginner's luck!! LOL. Yalor, why face ur back to the camera!!! Haiya. =P

LingDi said...

Hey.. Congrates! When my mum told me abt it, I was really happy for you! Hehe.. All the best to you!

Lynna said...

Wow! Congrats! :D