Monday, October 15, 2007

In Singapore......

Something different: Today, while i was drinking 'snapple' at Kenny Rogers, i got a new fact ---Fish cough. Imagine it.

I am sure the title already tells you where i am currently. Not really for holidya, but just for helping my sister with her new home out. We were really busy SHOPPING!!! buying this and that this and that. So, not really hav emuch time to update this blog. From morning shop till night, it was really exhausting. I think this is what they call 'shop till you drop". When you reach home, you will be flat, totally flat!

I took a lot of photos. just it was fun to took some photos. Seeing i am so busy, i think we should talk about it when I get home. Really interesting ones...

And the most important one, THANK YOU!!! Yes, you, i really mean it. Thank you for your support, for reading this blog. I finally got enough traffic for this blog and got the advertisements especially from nuffnang. They gave me the ads..see it on the side bar, it was not that 'i serve nuffnang' logo again!! ok, maybe sometimes it still will but at least most of the time, it was there...The ads...haha, for earning money. So thank you, thank you!! Thank you very much! And by the way, try telling more of your friends to come and visit my blog. Hahahaha!!!!

Ok, it is really late now!! (1.00 am) late, how to shop tomorrow??

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Mortan said...

What?? Fish actually cough? How about sneezing..haha.
Oh, so nice, Singapore, been there once. It was, erm..quite nice but a little bit too hot. I like to shop there too especially for its electronics.