Saturday, October 27, 2007

MSS Miri makes me.....

Note: I will upload photos soon, something wrong with internet connection.Interesting pics. So remember to check back every HALF HOURS! Lol... Something different: A good movie can really motivate ones. If you are feeling down sometimes, like me this morning, watch some motivating movies. It can really help you. Recommended : Meet the Robinsons by Walt Disney Pictures

MSS Miri, stands for Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Miri. It was held every single year. And this year, the forms 3 are called to help in organizing the competition for the catergory of 13 years old, ofcourse, that means i have to get invovlved too. :p This competition was held for 2 days. I wanted to be in the receptionist's team but for some !@#$%^&* reasons,i wasnt in there. !@#$%^&!!!!! watever. I became Ketua Balapan. Many dont know what does this team does. So do i before this. The Balapan team= judges! Lol. Judges for seeing if the participants in track competitions are following the rules or not. i mean when they are running. So, it also means that i have to catch their mistakes when their moving in really fast speed! All our team members are given 2 flags, white flags for clear, yellow flag for got problem. It asll went quite well. And when it was 2000m berhalangan, i saw them jumping into the water like kerbau...very very funny. Except when something very very unreasonable happened!

It was when the 4x400m race and i was at the first passing baton zone. I saw one of them was passing their baton too early. I quickly put up the flag. Then that @#$%^&* coach of the school (its name starts with a "L" ends with "G" and one word name) say why i am the one judging! You, stupid !@#$%^& idiot! BECAUSE I AM THE KETUA BALAPAN THAT MAKES ME THE ONE JUDGING YOUR STUPID TEAM WHO DONT KNOW THE RULE GETTING A PENALTY! AND I AM STANDING AT THE MOST OBVIOUS POSITION FOR CATCHING YOUR TEAM! He was so "bu gan yuan" and kept on complaining on and on! All the teachers came. Luckily they support me! Hahaha...I wasnt wrong, i am just doing my job.(Then, at the lompat jauh there, when they finished their competition, that coach was called to leave but then he doesnt want to leave, because he said they are going to change their marks if he leaves so he is staying there until they finish counting the marks. OMG!)

But something cools me off the second day. It was raining and the competitions was still going on. And us, the balapan, were very very noble indeed. We have to sacrifice ourselves to stand in the rain there, judging them. We are not allowed to bring umbrellas even though i brought it. I was totally wet. They run and run. Suddenly, when a boy run until in front of me, passing by....he fell down and lay there, crying. His legs are cramp. And me there, with no idea what to do except for calming him down and staying him out of the track and rain. I just shout "PBSM!!!!!!!"....then they came. Haha and guess what? Later then i found out that is a student from the school same as the stupid coach is! They treated me like that, and i saved him. Hmmm...I thought that was going to make me regret, but no, i felt better! and HAPPY!!!The moral value that i have learnt is help others even though they treated you badly, something unexpected might happen!

It ended with a closing ceremony. I was one of those those when the sports team walks, they walk in front there, holding the board with the name of the team...We were required to wear tradisional clothes of Malaysia. Luckily i was wearing chinese's clothes, but this clothes are kinda weird. Nevermind......AND THE WINNER IS SMK CHUNG HUA MIRI!!! oh yeah! Chung Hua rules!!(I'll show the picture later..update it later, now internet connection got problem!)

Conclusion: This sports day is very very fun and nice indeed. I have learn a lot of things. And that's it. ( Not good at making conclusion...)

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