Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No Apologies Workshop

Today, I went to attend "No Apologies" Workshop. It was held in many places in the world. We have to pay RM10 for the workbook and lunch. Yep, workbook, for this 2 days long workshop, we need to complete a workbook.
The no apologies workshop. Really attractive right?
The talk started at 8.15am. The first fasilitator is Pn.Lau. She is talking about messages of videos they gave us to watch and another topic about "We All want Healthy Relationships". It was really akward at first...Seeing that, we never really have any official talk about pre-maritial sex talk before. This was the first time.
Abstinence realistic for teenagers today?

Hmm...what is your answer for the question above?

And this picture is about messages conveyed by the video we watched. I didnt have the copy of the video.....Our group de(Group A) answers lo. Guess which one i write de? Very obvious.. Haha, Mine is that onelo..the longest one with black ink. "Premaritial sex will ruin our future and badly affect us spiritually, physically, socially and smoothly. STDs and pregnancy are the consequences." LOL...
Teachers trying to tell us about being influence. First, she get a jar of water a little bit blur. She said that is us, a bit blur and not knowing what is going on. Then, she drop colours into it. That represents us, being 'polluted' by bad influences and the colour become deeper which represnt us being more and more no standard. Then she held another jar of clear waater, pour it into the jar justnow. She say that clear water is good influence, it will make us become good....
Get what she is trying to say???

They also use the projeecter to show things.

And this one ar..another long story. Lomg story short say, it is hard to pull us up but easy to pull us down. that's ot.

Erm...haha...esther sleeping..got that boring meh??

LUNCH TIME!! that is cheng yi, eating....

Mdm Joanne from Institut Fajar Tinggi. The way she gives talks are very interesting.
Since we are all sleeping and bored after the lunch, we all stand up and line up. Massaged each other. The picture's blurred because someone behind me massage me and my hand is moving.haha
Today's workshop ends at 4.10 pm....and will be continue tomorrow

Everytime we answer a question, we get a 'freebie'. This is what i hae collected today. I like the notebook most. (Actually i still can get 2 notebooks...but i forgot to take it)....

p/s: I took a few videos too...It was really funny!!! If you want to watch, please email me at chriswsw92@hotmail.com

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