Monday, October 29, 2007

Papaya Tree, not bad!

I remember when i was in primary 1 or 2, I used to write essays like The Uses of Coconut Tree. And something that really attracts my attention that time is the picure given by the title. It has a tall coconut tree in the middle, often have a few coconuts falling down and sometimes, a poor guy standing below. I wonder what happens to that guy. All of us always wrote about the same thing-food...broom...blah blah blah, i forgot. (Have really bad memory power when i was small, still not retarded yet)

Yesterday, my mom asked me picked a few papaya from the tall papaya tree at the back because the tree was too tall. 9 big riped papayas from a single tree in a single day, shockingly.

See how tall the tree is, taller than the 2-floored house!
9 papayas...1 day, 1 tree

Then i figured out a new essay title. Recommended for primary 1 and 2!!bear with the kids' naif and stupidity. Here it goes:


Papaya trees are very common and popular among Malaysians. A papaya tree have many parts, like bark, leaves, fruit, roots and flower.

Papaya, which is the fruit, is very tasty. I like it very much especially when it is make into milkshake. It is orange when riped and juicy. It has a lot of black seed which looks like frog's eggs.

Papaya tree's leaves are very useful too. It can as an umbrella or as a fan. It is very nice during hot day. It can also be used to decorate our houses.
My costume..maybe for halloween, lol!

The stem, can be used to make furnitures. Furnitures made from papaya tree's bark are high quality furnitures. The bark can also be use to make brigde.

Papaya tree has a lot of uses. I like papaya tree.

OK FINE! Maybe not for the stem as a bridge part, but hey, it'sprimary 1 and i remember i wrote something like that for the coconut tree. LOL!!!


~界豪^^ said...

lolz.. the coconut tree hat is very suitable for u oo^^

...Janice... said...

how did u go up thr?? it's very tall rite??

Christine said...

climb like a monkey! NO LA!!! XIAO! i use ladder and chairs la. STack up and climb. (Dangerous action, gone through intensive training, do not attempt to copy) LOL!!!

Kit how, that is not coconut tree la, that is papaya la.

-NicholasW- said...

wow~ u noe how to climb tree meh? watever, u reli look like a monkey~ haha^^

I wonder y u didn't drop down...