Thursday, October 18, 2007

Public transportation in, around, above, under...Singapore

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"OmG,jammed, jammed, jammed...everyday jammed! can't they move their car's butts off this spot??!!"You might be thinking that when you are in Singapore..worst, driving. So, here's me, the one who haven't even learn how to drive, talking about public transportation in Singapore to you. hhaaha.
#1 !!!! MRT

Singaporeans' favourite (I think)

MRT Route

Cost: Differ from place to place...but using an Ez-Link card is the cheapest!But always remember to top-up your card)

Time taken: Fast, no traffic jammed, but need to wait for a few minutes before it arrives. Most is 5 mins.

Other Advantages: Air-conditioned, dont have to drive yourself, dont need to worry about parking lots

Disadvantages: Really crowded for most of the time, sometimes you have to stand, you cant eat in it especially durians, you have to smell others' fart/armpit(lol)

Rating: 8/10

I stood for 24 minutes...cause no seats

#2 Bus!!!

Bus! Here! OI! OI! that one!!
Cost: Differ from place to place, but a lot more cheaper than LRT or taxi.(cheaper? ez-link card please!)

Time Taken: You have to wait for most 15 minutes before the next bus arrive. They wont wait for you if you missed. The bus stops at almost every bus stop...taking lots of time. But still, OK.

Other Advantages: Got TV!! Got great views if you are using the double-Decker!!! Air-cond!

TV in the bus...everyone of them....

Disadvantages: You have to wait for a long time before the bus actually arrive, they don't for you in case you missed ur stop, have to 'fight' with others to get into the bus.

You have to wait and wait..and....

and wait...and wait....

Rating: 7/10

#3!!! Taxi!!

Cost: Expensive...extra charges again on public holidays...

Time taken: Short, i think...unless got traffic conjunction...

Advantages: Drop you off any places you like, privacy, air-cond., no need to walk very far to find it (like MRT stations..or bus stops...)

Disadvantages: some !@#$%^&* reckless driver drive like crazy that may harm your life/asking stupid questions that make no sense, the car may smelled..traffic jams..

Dont misunderstood, this is a good driver...

Ratings: (good drivers) 9/10 (bad drivers) 4/10

#5 Bicycles (not really public, but still worth to inroduce)

Cost: normally bicycle cost about RM100 till ................dont know la, just very cheap

Time taken: Long time...LOOOOOOOOOONGGGG time, my friend...

Advantages: Jian fei(burning fats in ur body), healthy, can have your own vehicles, can enjoy the scenery slowly...

Disadvantages: Without proper training, you cant cycle up the hill/cycle fast and in time, sweaty..mess...dangerous(car accident)

Ratings: 5/10

#6 You legs(Duh i mean walking la...)


Cost: If you are really really poor, i guess you have no options but to use this. It's a gift from God. So use it wisely.

Time taken:It's a big world, it's a long time...

Advantages: Again, burn ur body fats, healthy, can go almost anywhere, enjoy the scenery, built up your muslces..

Disadvantages: Raining/very hot, need to bring umbrella, tiring

Ratings: 10/10 (no matter what, it is still free, right?)


1. Sampan

O COME ON!in Singapore? unless you are a fisherman!

2. Aeroplane
Very popular. Main way to get into Singapore. Can go to Changi airport. Really Expensive (airaisa full fare to JB is about RM900). Not recommended for short distances, e.g. from Clarke Quay to Vivo City...(what for???!!!)
Anymore transportations??? tell me...

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