Sunday, October 21, 2007


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I know this is a bit late and out-of-date but i still think this movie is Highly recommendable- Ratatouille!!! A touching, funny, unrealistic adn remarkable movie!!!
A little rat, Remy, which lives in the Parisian sewers, directly below the restaurant made famous by his idol, Chef Auguste Gusteau(Brad Garrett). His deepest desire is to follow in his culinary hero's footsteps. (Fine, i copied that from the DVD cover, i'll stop now!) Haha. He learnt how to cook from the idol's book, "Anyone can cook!". You can keep listening to "Anyone can cook but not everyone can be a great cook" in the movie. Remy met a young man who was useless at everything (The garbage boy!). Then he puppet-ed this young men. Using his hair? to control his movements. The young man was Gusteau's son and work in his restaurant after Gusteau passed away. With their cooperation, the restaurant became popular once more because after the chef's death, it was terrible. In the middle there, these 2 had some fight but still manage to be friends.

One day, the food critic, Anton Ego-the grim eater, lol!! came. The 'little chef' cook something called "ratatouille" which is a peasant dish for him. This dish reminds the critic about his childhood. Something about his mother cooking it for him. he couldn't believe it was a rat behind all this after all. Finally, he knew the truth, and was touched, agreed by Gusteau's Anyone can Cook.

This movie ends with a happy ending, with the young man found his love and Remy became the top chef of PAREESSS....!!(fine, Paris!)

As i was wondering, what if this is real? Beware of the food next time you go to Paris!!!
p/s:I have missed out a lot in this post. If you really haven't watch, go watch now! If u did, watch again!


...Janice... said...

i need to watch tis!!!

Christine said...

you havent watch meh?

...Janice... said... out-of-date than you..mayb i should go n buy da disc..