Monday, October 15, 2007

Uniquely Singapore....

I was quite shocked that Friday morning. 7.30am, my brother go buy ticket then mom say, "this afternoon go to Singapore!" Omg...i haven't even pack my bag yet. I know we are going, just not sure when, but certainly not prepared for now. So we hop on the plane and left Miri that afternoon.
YEAH!! Finally reached Johor. It was 5.30 pm already when we reach Sultan Ismail Airport. !@#$%^& Peak hour again, it must be hard to get to Singapore!

Senai Airport

To get there, we have to get over the Johor Causeway. Many people were going back home, plus it is Hari Raya tomorrow, imagine how badly jammed it was...

People walking back on the Johor Causeway. What a hazy day!

We reached there at 7.40 pm. Argh, 2 hours on the road, traffic jammed like mad. Then we went to IKEA's burger king for dinner. I have a 'Turkey Bacon' burger. It was very delicious. Hope Malaysia will have this non-halal burger one day...muahahaha...yummy bacon.

First day!!!!
Woke up early in the morning. First thing, market. not the main market of singapore but just a market at queenstown. I thought it was going to be like squeaky clean, but haha, sama sama la as Miri's. Ok, maybe a little bit cleaner.

Queenstown Market

The veges and fish there were very fresh. Plus, you could even buy salmon fish there. Fresh ones. Wondering where the heck they get that fish in Singapore???

We didn't even have our breakfast before going to market. So, it is the right time to eat now. NO worry about where to eat!! Just walk up the stairs at the market and there! a food court.... You can see signs like "Hawker Centre Singapore Litter Free" everywhere. But then, haha....spilled "tao you", chicken bones, mee, cigars...on the floor, tables....maybe that sign can work else where in Singapore, but not here.

People likes to eat here during weekend mornings.

But luckily, the chicken porridge i ordered was still delicious.
That afternoon, we went to Vivo City. The last time i went was last year's Christmas, don't know what it will look after such a long time. Still, big, noisy, full of energy, AND REALLY CROWED AS USUAL!!!!
The little oven i found at BEST, Vivo.
Shop, shop shop...after 3 hours of non-stop shopping, we were really hungry. Coincidentally we walked pass Haagen Dazs. ICE CReAM!!!

Haagen-Dazs, every one's favourite
Wide varieties of ice-creams
I ordered,erm..forgot the name liao. But the ice-creams are lemon sorbet and melon, with wafers, bananas and strawberries at the side. YUM....
Vanilla ice-cream and hot coffee (still forgot the complicated name)
Me and my ice-cream
After that, shop 3 hours and EAT AGAIN!! This time we ate at Food Republic on the top floor of Vivo City because we got some 10% discount card. Again..crowded....I wasnt much interested about the food, but more on the decorations.
Flying Bicycle!!!
some tandu there...
It started with bus. I think it was really convinient to have ez-link card for public transports. Going to Great World Tower for SHOPPING!!!
Our double-decker bus coming, finally.
On the second floor of d bus. Got TV showing comedy, so nice. How come our busses doesnt have!!???
Shopping at Cold Storage ( a shop's name). This shop sales mostly imported goods, so you can think of the price.
All types of hot dogs, long one, short one, fat one, thin one.
Even spiral-shaped ones

All types of olives.
We went to East Coast's Park, near Marine Parade to skate. WOw, i never skate before, so this is the first time. We rented those skates and protectors for 10 SGD per person for 2 hours. I think that is a little expensive.
Guess how many times i fall down?? *sob* TONNES. but it didnt hurt a bit. Thanks to the protectors which saved the day!!!!!. And i dont have to feel bad. Why? EVen though there were a lot of pro skaters arounf, i can still see a lot of people like me, kept on falling onto the ground. HAHAHAHa!!! (so bad)
Cool le???

The East Coast

The Seahorse Miri. Am I in Miri again??
Some Buddhist Association's function
After our dinner at the PP which was really packed of people, we walked back to the MRT station. Then , I found this. Not a Buddhist, Dont get what they are doing, not interested either, just bump into it. ( Fellow buddist, dont say what you yuan please)

Luckily we did because their 'jing ju' was just starting i think. A lot of 'senior citizens' gather around the stage, staring at those actors, with weird costumes and make-up. I tried to listen to what they are saying, but NO IDEA. WHatever la. Just walk pass lo. Really dont get what language are they speaking.LOL..( I think some of them are men)

Stuff I bought on the 2 days 'War'
Shopping Mall I went: IKEA, Vivo City, PP, Great World Tower (total: 4 big malls)
IKEA's plastic bag, cost SGD 0.05, very expensive le!!
Time Taken: 2 days
Results: Shown Below.....
Accessories!! My favourite.
1. Little pink bag with the cat pic from Vivo. Bought it cause i forgot to bring my wallet.
2. Bracelets. The charm bracelet from Tang's was expensive but really worth it too. I chosed little things myself, got "HOPE", ballet dancer, lock and key, aeroplane, cross and lip with lipstick (really cute!!). Another one is from Chamelon, Vivo.
3. Ribbon. SGD6.99 from SIX, Vivo.
4. Pink bangles. The TOPSHOP, Vivo. 19 SGD
5. The two shinny thing. Oh, that one i got it from the, how to say, 'liu' egg machine. very cheap, really worth it.
Green one from the TOPSHOP and white one from Hang Ten. Special le!!
The walbut cheese I bought at Cold Storage(name of a shop)
Going back day!!!
Going back to Miri from Johor by Airsia. We have to go through Woodlands, Singapore, then over the Johor Causeway to Johor Bahru, To Senai and just before Kulai. Between the custom of Malaysia and Singapore, you can see big difference. (Sorry no photo cause no camera is allowed at the custom). One side, woah so modern. dui. I think all of you can guess which one belongs to which one lo.
The Straits of Johor
We finally reached Sultan Ismail Airport (locally known as Senai Airport) after the 3 hours of tiring car ride.
The fisher's boat and nets at Senai Airport

Pilot of the plane i boarded...wondering what is he doing...
While waiting for the boarding time, i saw a pilot walk across. Quickly go *ka chi!* at him. Lol. Never took a pic of a pilot before. He didnt even realise i did that. Haha.

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