Friday, November 30, 2007

Yeah! Singapore- Travelling Alone

Went to Singapore few times liao, time to go Alone...dont say until so sad la, my sis is there working la..haha, just flying alone..

Kuching Airport

Ok, there is some Esprit Issue there...I was very thirsty and wanted to buy water and esprit is the only water excluding tea and coffee there. First i went to coffee bean, OMG RM8...blah, i went to Famous Amos..ehehe RM6.5...walao different by RM1.5...Of course buy famous amos one la.. On the plane. I took MH637. Haha must remember, seat 25F by the window, hehe!!! but second last row..Busy filling forms and planning trip thingy...
A friendly uncle sitting beside..snorring..hehe(so bad aaa me..) My TANDOORI CHICKEN for lunch on plane. Yumm..

View from the plane. marvellous..No(OH PUH-LEESS), that is not singapore island.

And finally, i reach there...!!!!

The legendary Singapore Island
The Legendary Tok Janggut!!! in changi..

I went to Dhoby Ghaut and shopping haha..near Orchard Road too
OO....very cool le!!
Grand Piano!!!!!!!

Magical Pills(Sweets)
Invisible Pills
It says that,"Take one to be invisible for an hour, two for a day, three for a week, four for a month, excessive dose may cause permanent invisibility". Haha...
And these too... Yummy le
Waaa..yummy nice aa..want to eat?? You cant!! (cause it's fake one..)
Ok, now this one is real one. I went to Akeshi Japanese Restaurant at Vivo City. Ordered a Tempura Bento...hehe

My Bento


My Sis' Green tea noodle bento


Time for shopping. This is Vivo La..

Tang's expo..
It got lots of pretty Christmas Decoration. Like it very much but very expensive too..haih

I dont know what this is..

I went to Daiso!!! So happy, now dont have to go IMM also got Daiso liao haha. Ok, fine, for those who dont know what Daiso is, Daiso is a japanese departmental store selling everything, and EVERYTHING mean EVERY SINGLE THING!! at 2 dollar only. 2 dollar = RM4. The pencil...

This reminds me of our literature, The Pencil. Haha..this one really is huge and has a big red eraser too...I didnt buy it la, what for...

The angel blowing trumpet..get it? Blowing trumpet??!! Fine, it's lame...
POOOH!!!! AND PIGLET!!! made of swarvaski crystal...

Fine, that's it for today. 12am liao. so tired..

Annual Sinagpore Christmas Tree Hunt (Day 1)

(All photo taken in this blog is strictly copyrighted. If you are found stealing the photo, serious actions will be taken. Please email me if you really want the photo. Thank you for your coorperation.)
Like last year, i am having "Annual Singapore Christmas Tree Hunt" again!! So happy...Even though Christmas is still one month to go, the christmas tree are "growing" fast enough every where already!!
So, this is for the first day!
At Orchard Road...

Above Vivo City, they are having first aniversary celebration and this christmas tree is real huge!!!
Inside Vivo. Hey, this one is made of swavarski crystal o..very nice one..
let you have a close look...
Another cute cute swarvaski crystal...
I love this one sooo much...crystal christmas tree...hehe
That's for the first day! 10 more days to go!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I believe I can fly...

I believe i can touch the sky...yikes, stop that.

Yes, i am flying tomorrow. and by flying, i mean i am going to Singapore..hehe.again..hehe...I dont know why, i just wont stop having fun there even though there isnt really any interesting places to go...but still, i was having a great time there haha...

Sentosa? Neh...too boring, for kids still ok la or if you havent been there before..

I maybe going to an island trip and museum visiting and maybe some shopping hehe..

Oh ya, I AM MEETING KENNYSIA TOO!! Real life person..haha, i mean maybe too la. because he is having some sort of talk-like thingy about "How to Earn Money Without really trying". This should be nice (because i was trying really hard for this) and plus plus i can meet him. But still havent confirm and i dont know how much is the admission fee...

Whatever happy and excited. Need to plan my trip and pack my bag for now.
And HEY! Stay tune for a week of surprises...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Medicine for unemployed? break-ups???

(Incase you didnt read the newspaper for yesterday, this is the highlight for it, i mean from my opinion...)

Yep, this guy said that. And he was arrested after causing a pregnant lady keguguran.
"Primary Standard, No licence, Fortune Teller, Cin Cai cure people"
OMG....he only study until primary standard and he said he has a Prof. degree?? This is tooo weird..

Selling all types drugs for everyone.

Feng Shui Books he writes...

AND MOST OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





"Ren yuan bu hao (Not-so-good social life), zao bu dao gong zhuo(unemployed)"

And many people are also cheated...I mean, what those people thinking??!!!!

The "Magical" apek..

If this is really true, help me!! I'm died of boredom and i have no me the medicine..

or just teach me how you make those medicine and i dont have to study now..

OMG....cheating industry surely is growing fast!


Oh yeah..i cooked spaghetti today., not that ice cream spaghetti la...


Real spaghetti..hahahahah!!! my favourite...

My spaghetti is very healthy one o!! All ingredients are fresh, no canned food except the butter mushroom.hehe. I didnt even add any canned tomato puree or Pregio. Haha. Just bacon, minced meat, tomato(fresh), button mushroom, hot dog and vermicelli. Very healthy one!!!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weird Picture...

(I am so bored....)

I found this picture...
I they get that car up there?? The wiring post is about a floor high already and car only goes horizontally on the floor...

And this reminds me of Miri of these few days. Rain, stop, rain, stop, rain, stop, rain, stop....ARGH!!!
Drive carefully o!

(i am soooo jealous of those that can drive..AAAAArgh!!)

Funny Commercials...

Funny commercials attracted me these few days..hahahaha...and I found this at YouTube

It's funny..nothing special, just here to cheer everyone up. Hehe

Monday, November 26, 2007

Spaghetti-liked I-SCREAM!!!!

(once again, i dont like eating..except for junk food)
I was watching tv just now and i saw this in "Next Stop Eat What?" A singapore tv show. AEC.
Then, i saw this!!
A spaghetti?




Spaghetti made of vanilla ice-cream, Meat balls made of Ferror Roche chocolates and tomato puree made of strawbeery syrup. YUM!!

This is Ice cream from ICEKIMO at No.8, Sin Ming Road, Singapore. cost about SGD5.90. Very cheap ho. At least, Cheaper than hagen daze's banana spilt. Hahaha..Remember to visit there next time you go to singapore!

(Haha..i am going to singapore soon and i am going there!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!!!)
This is not a sponsored post.

Am I in love with cooking??

Aww....i dont know la. Am I in love in cooking? Which is a question i never dare to ask myself. I have been cooking for a few days. Argh...hehe..Today, i prepared my lunch again. BURGER..oh well, not actually a "burger" type of "burger". I am too lazy to go out to buy the burger bun. Hehe...
Wooo...bread + meat+ cheese+veges+thousand island sauce i made yesterday...
Yummmy...Yummier than mcD's..MUAHAHHA
(people always do close-up with food. I found the macro button on my camera and hehe, my "burger" close up!!!)
Plus a glass of coconut drink lo from the coconut tree outside my house..

Even water also do close-up..-.-
(no more closeup)

So this is it, my lunch for today..

Yummy le. Want to order? Please call 0123456789 and the food is just on your doorstep!

(totally lame joke attempt...)

p/s: I am not into food, just cooking. FOOD and COOKING totaly different world..hehe

Sunday, November 25, 2007

OMG! IT'...IT'S..YUCK!!!

I having my breakfast this morning at one of the Dim Sum cafe near Bintang Plaza. Yum..yum..we ordered 7 or 8 varieties of dim sum. Chom chom..See, this is one of it.

Yum. Dim Sum.

Overview of my dim sum.

It is a very very tasty one. especially when served warm.. Hahaha.i recommend all to eat ther.


What's that black thing over there?




Non-fat DELICIOUS lunch

Since i'm really bored, it's my cooking day!!! (again) My second time cooking without any help at all.


I went to buy some stuffs for "cooking" the lunch today. I wasn't really cooking but it is still counted as dishes. NON FAT DISHES!!!(girls on diet, you might be loving this! and i am NOT on diet, just i like to eat these.)

FIRST, salad. Ok, this is very normal. Tomatoes( MUAHAHAA) plus salad leaves and ONIONS (I love this!). My tears kept on rushing out when i was cutting the onions. I can't even open my eyes!! But i still manage to cut it all.

I present to you, SALAD!
This is very normal la. So i made the sauce myself, the peachy coloured one. It's a thousand island sauce. I MAKE ONE HO! hehe. Actually it is tomato sauce plus mayonese la. Hehehehe..but it looks like Thousand Island sauce and TASTE LIKE ONE TOO!!!!

Oo..big leaf o..

Next on. Apple Juice. haha... OXIDISED apple juice added with apple cubes. DONT GO AIYEER with the colour. it's just oxidised, won't do us any harm. It's very tasty too. and can make you feel really full. Apple Juice.

That's it.

HEY wAIT! this doesn't seem like a Christine's meal. Well, it is non fat and that's not my style at all. Hehe.

Now, guess, what's on?!


MUAHAHAHA!! With cheery top and chocolate (OMG) and peach..haha...


Oh ya, before i forget, i bought today.

Apple Cider.

It tastes sooo nice! (with water of course.)