Monday, November 26, 2007

Am I in love with cooking??

Aww....i dont know la. Am I in love in cooking? Which is a question i never dare to ask myself. I have been cooking for a few days. Argh...hehe..Today, i prepared my lunch again. BURGER..oh well, not actually a "burger" type of "burger". I am too lazy to go out to buy the burger bun. Hehe...
Wooo...bread + meat+ cheese+veges+thousand island sauce i made yesterday...
Yummmy...Yummier than mcD's..MUAHAHHA
(people always do close-up with food. I found the macro button on my camera and hehe, my "burger" close up!!!)
Plus a glass of coconut drink lo from the coconut tree outside my house..

Even water also do close-up..-.-
(no more closeup)

So this is it, my lunch for today..

Yummy le. Want to order? Please call 0123456789 and the food is just on your doorstep!

(totally lame joke attempt...)

p/s: I am not into food, just cooking. FOOD and COOKING totaly different world..hehe


thung said...

ya.. quite lame.. hehe
hey, i think u're really good at,
next time, make one for me pls..
erm.. dun wan onion..

~界豪^^ said...

yaya, very delicious..

Christine said...

So happy, got compliment from the great chef, SHIAU THUNG!!!!! I didnt put onion la for the sandwich. only put it in the salad. Haha.

call the pnumber above to order lo.

L'abeille said...

Your sandwish looks so delicious ler..

...Janice... said...

delivery service avaiable in kch??