Monday, November 19, 2007


Something different: I went to Ke Min's house today. To visit her pup..OMG it is sooooo cute le!! Its name is Kupi. Hehe. more than 1 month old!!!! VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!!!

"Hmph, dont let you see my face..."

OMG, Kupi is tooo cute. I just couldnt help posting its pic AGAIN..hehe

We kept on "torturing", la, we are playing with it. It kept running and running everyway and biting everyone. especially people with long pants..haha..grrrrr. BITE..


Haih..BBQ AGAIN..No la, BBQ very fun. But i have had BBQ many times this month. 3 times in a month.

Today I went to BBQ at Taman Awam at 4pm again. Today is monday o. Very weird for BBQ and there isn't many other people going to the park today. Everyone is still work work..Hehe

At least, this time. It was a lot more better than last time.

Not black, not overcooked, not cold, not uncooked..Just right...



Oh ya, this reminds me of Joseph. Where is he? Yes, OF COURSE he attend la..hehe..And luckily his skills of BBQ improved this time.

With the help of Lii Ming, Kit Wee, Jia Chee and others la....

And me, everytime, i just pick a chicken wing i like, throw it on the bbq "stove" there and let it cook. It took me 30 minutes for getting that !@#$%^& chicken wing ready to eat. And i have to stand there to watch it. Or else it will be snatch drink cola lo..

And on one of the tree there..HAHA..Kit How found an underwear and hang it on a tre...HAHAHAHAHA...though, a disgusting sight for someone eating just below the branches...


After having my dinner, i went around and took photos..(i'm not bored, just i love to take photos). Haiya, just now i didn't bring my camera la, so just use my handphone to take the photo lo. This photo all use handphone take on mah..luckily still very clear la..

Cheeseeee...(ignore me)...

Jai Seng. Shhhh...he is meditating..

Choon Man, with his fried rice. He is still eating is fried rice while taking photo for busy a...

Kah Ming. HEHEHEHEHE...Short pants oo...
Ke Min and Me....I am chewing the biscuit made by Shiau Thung OO..VERY NICE..
Kit Wee....He is very nice o..BBQ many things for us to eat. Hehe...
My Hot Dog hehe

When everyone finally finished their dinner, we were so bored. Run around on the grass there. And suddenly, we heard screams from Kwong Xing there..Be ke po and run there to see lo..OOOOOMG it's a frog... Hello, little froggie..(fiona, don't vomit please..)

I thought it was kinda cute but almost every girl was screaming like crazy and run around while the boys holding it and chase behind them, holding the frog. WHAT's so scary huh?? hehe..i really think it was cute. Except that i don't want to touch it. No way, no way..

(I feel like i am shooting some video on Discovery Channel...hmm...)

They catch more frog and put it in a cup there..hehe...kesian the frogs..Amos, goes: geli la geli la...

Ok la. Dinner eat liao, frog also play liao. we went to the children's playground to play. We all gather around the pole thingy. The one that let you slides down from higher floor to ground floor one...Didn't took the photo. Everything was so dark.

Amos and Jai Seng. At the slides there...dont know doing what...

Ivy them was so scared to go down. They never play that thing before, hehe. I thought every monkey (Year 1992 born one) knows how to play this kind of thing le. They were so scared. But after we kept on trying to make them go down. Fiona and Ivy did it!!!! CONGRATS...Hehe, for overcoming your fear. (like fear factor again...)

Then, we go KACAU the guard's dog. GERMAN SHEPHERD OOOO...omg, it was so big. We asked the security guard so many questions:

Us: What's its name?

Guard: Wino (or something like that, not sure)

Us: How old like?

Guard: 1 years 2 months..(and ga li goes "ha? ha? ha?")

Us: How often it baths?

Guard: 1 week twice.

Us: How you command it?

Guard: I use rusia language. It doesn't understand English.

Us: OOOOOOOOOOOO.....(eyes goes big. Jia Chee goes, "Rusia o, rusia o...") Does it ever bite people? (IMPorTant Question, in case..)

Guard: Yes.

I was like OMG that time. Trying to go aaway. It was huge, you know. (AMOS! Send me the photo please thank you.)

Guard: But it doesn't simply bite. Last time, someone snatch phone at this park. I told him to stop running, but he kept on running. So i release the dog. It ran to bite that guy's hand until it broke...

Us: wow...did it ever bite you?

Guard: Yes.

I WAS TRYing to go away again..what if it lost control now..hehe..cause i kept on petting its head.

Guard: we had some misunderstanding when we are having trainings. It bite my elbow. Ok, that's it now. I have to go.

So the guard goes away. Ooo...luckily it was still calm just now. we are petting it le. Touching its soft fur..hehe. Ga Li pok mong its butt...Muahahaha...

Done, not playing anymore. That's it. let's go cleaning. BUT, when we are still cleaning the place... THE PLAYING STARTS AGAIN!!! We all starts going crazy throwing the leftover ice everywhere. I like putting it into people's clothes. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! very bad...who cares..but i think the boys are even extreme. Erm, better ask them. Hehe...

Lii Ming and Kah Khing..goes:"wooo..cold o"

After the ice throwing war, all leftover on the floor are ice.....hehe...



...Janice... said...

i'm crying...sob sob*

Christine said...

Want to join us again??? Come on, you have sematan trip too eh..!!
Come play la if you want, hehe!!

...Janice... said...

aiyo..different ppl different kind of i duno, just different..where's cheng yi? din c her 1?

Christine said...

she didn't attend la..dont know what she is soooo busy about..