Sunday, November 04, 2007

Beginner Golfing = Blisters...

It has been a long time since i last played golf. Well, i am certainly not an expert, not even a..normal player..Just a silly beginner with no whatsoever special equipments. So, my brother, his friend, Albert (whom i think looks like kenny sia) and me went to East Wood to play this afternoon.

Eastwood Valley Country Club and Golf Coast

Haha, dont think of those big green grass field or those little 'goal cart' cars..first. since we are beginners and have no licence, we cant go into the field. Just to the Driving Range...

The driving Range
So, we started to play. Hoot Hoot Hoot..nothing happens. Why no ball fly out one?? I kept on thinking. Then there, my ball is still on the ground not moving. ARGH!!! Stupid...I kept on swing the club, still hard. The furthest I can go is only until 75m and that's it. So near lar...If tiger woods knew, he'lll surely laugh till pengsan.
My brother playing..woooo
Albert playing..even though he is a beginner too, he better than us la...he can go till nearly 200m. Walao e..
So there is me..very very funny and silly de...

What a happy day!!! I love golf..even though my hands are all blisters at the end..LOL!!!


...Janice... said...

u actually hit the ball!! congratz!! haha~

Danny Foo said...

you can kinda tell why you get blisters depending on where they are. If its the 3rd and 4th fingers then you maybe gripping the club too loose. So at impact it runs against ur fingers.

Anyway, I'm no gold pro but an on off golfer. :)

Christine said... blisters are at my thumb and my palm. I know i am grabbing it tooooo tight..