Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crying, izit good or bad?

Something really really sia soi and bad happened to me again today. Today is even worst than yesterday. I just dont get it. Why?
I cried again today in school. Garh..Some of you might know for that reason, but actually, i am not really only crying for that. Things had happened and that have passed way beyond My range of toleration.

That stupid incident happened this morning, Isn't the only thing i am scared about, just that, these few days, there are really a lot of things happened. I cant bear it anymore. So, when that little thing trickled my alarm, i burst into tears. I am so sorry if this has annoyed you guys, but thanks anyway, for your help. I see real friends in you guys. (If you are my classmates for years, you might have seen me crying tonnes of times. Yes, i am a cry baby. )

Is crying good for you? Should we cry?

"It is a widespread belief in the western world that crying is therapeutic and also the converse, that failure to cry is a danger to our health. Randolph Cornelius (1986) systematically analysed the content of popular articles on weeping in the press from 1850 to 1985 and found a major theme was that crying was considered an important means of releasing physiological tensions; if it wasn't released, it would find an outlet in some other way, such as affecting the person's body and possibly causing disease. 94% of articles recommended letting tears flow."

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So, it is good right? Yes, i believe it is good for our health too. When you just cant bear it, let it out. It will help (although it wont guarantee solve your problem instantly)! You might seem like a baby but you will recover very fast too, just like a baby too. (But just dont cry toooooo often, it annoys) Just let it out when it is needed.


-NicholasW- said...

Crying is good~
REalize ur feel~~~~~~~~ ^^

Magnus, (Stockholm, Sweden). said...

I remember crying as like a thunderstorm on a really hot day. Afterwords the air is higher, clearer and you're able to think and act a whole lot better.
I so much wish I could cry. I'm soon 40, and last time I wept, I was 8...