Friday, November 09, 2007

Cutest Bread I ever see...

I always receive email with pictures of Very VERY VERY cute cakes. I was really really jealous with those who ate it. Today, i found one too!!!!!! (so, be jealous of me!)

Lollipop Bread!!!!

I found it at Hot Cross Bun, Miri. Only cost about RM1 or RM2. It doesn't only looks so good, it is very delicious too!! Soft toasted bread with strawberry jam inside, spiral-shaped chocolate(OMG!! THIS IS SO NICE!) with bits of sugar...HEAVENLY TASTY!!!!

Hehe...see, my dogie at the back..its tongue..So nice that he also wants to eat le..


Close-up of the lollipop

2nd type. This is a bit normal liao but still special. Bread with icing inside COATED WITH CHOCOLATE AND WHITE CHOCOLATE..yum yum.... Isn't this nice?!
Hehe...enjoy eating so much...

Hot Cross Bun!! You Rock!!!!!!!!

There are 2 hot cross buns in Miri. One at the Pelita Commercial Centre and another at Suncity Centre(Near Centre Point, Near Fratini, near suncity la...)

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thung said...

hate cha!
always get to eat nice nice and pretty de things.
next time, get one for me (i bet u won't do that :p)