Friday, November 16, 2007


(whoever wants the video, please email me. with the tittle of 'dance video' in your email subject title, or else i won't read it)
Woohoo...the competition finally ended!! Haha...we got 4th out of....5 teams. Whatever, we all dont care. We still smile happily like mad monkeys because we enjoyed it(fine, half of it is because of the cash we are going to receive, MUAHAHAHHA!!). I have learned a lot of things from this, especially sewing...hehe...

Andangkaka ROCKS!!!!
6.00 am, i already reached school. Never been to school this early before. Normally i wake up at this time. :p
6.00 am OH!!!!!!
Judith preparing herself
Hehe, me after make up. Very shocking.......
This is the video of us during the competition. Very nice de o!!

Muahahahahahahaha..... after the competition
first row from left: Judith, Shirley, Ivy, Me and Ariane
second row from left: Syn yu, Ian, Kurt, Kian Kok and Eric
Pose!! the boys so funny....
Dont laugh. It's not funny. It is suppose to be cooolllll......
Indian po...and griselda...
Griselda!!! and the boys...i think they look like those pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean la..

Ivy and Me.....
Me and shirley
Kurt..Ms.Lydia say like samseng, haha...dont know what is his expression, very qian bian like that....
all girl of the competition...all mei nu ooo!!
Boys/monkeys of the competition

Judith and Arian
Shirley and Me
All participants of competition. The blue skirts and us got consolation(again who cares!?) the orange skirt got 3rd, the white skirts got 2nd and the pink fan one got first. Hehe...OUR CASH!!! receiving soon....
Informal photo...MUAHAHAA..
Happy Ending of Dance Competition 2007!!!!!!
See you next year!

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