Thursday, November 22, 2007

Junk Food Madness...

It's holiday. what do i do besides the school activities?? Haha....munching on Junk Foods!!!!
My Treasure. ALL MINE! No trespassers allowed.
WOW...after this photo, i just realized how much junk food i have benn eating or I WILL be eating.
I dont know why. Maybe is that i have a lot of free time, that's why i kept on thinking of food, NO, Junk FOOD ONLY! I am not really interested in real food. Yes i know that is very very bad for the health. And i might get fat, blah blah blah (Hey!! Get fat? That sounds like a good idea!!!). Haha....just let me go this holiday!!! (Even if i dont eat these, i wont eat much of anything else too, so at least there is something in mystomach better than nothing)
This reminds me of a lot of dramas. The girl get pissed off by her boyfriend and she ate and ate and ate anad finally, she become a pig,oops,no, she becomes a "rounder" (HAHa, does this sound familiar to you?) woman. ARGH! It's not me ok?! It's just drama, familiar ones..izit 200 pound beauty? Erm..ok, i forgot.
FINE..I'll cut down on it! (but only after i finished this round. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

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