Saturday, November 10, 2007

LEO BBQ Night!!

Yesterday, my school's LEO Club organiszed a BBQ at Taman Awam. There isn't any games but REALLY REALLY FUN!!!! The Organizing Committees are from Form 3 (THAT INCLUDES ME!!!) I was sooooooo happy to be there la. The BBQ starts at 4pm.
Cook of the day!
Preparing fishballs
Keep on drinking only...
Nah, we didn't have any delicous, high class food prepared there. Only fish balls, hot dogs, chicken wings and tapau de Mun Mian...But all of us enjoyed the BBQ a lot!!!

Cooking fishballs, hotdogs and chicken wings

AAA!! The chicken is on FIRE!!

Kah Ying's Brother came too.

I am da man! Dont ever call me boy! Never tell me what to do! NOW OBEY ME!

You expect me to eat this?

Totally blacken fishball
All black black de... Eat liao surely got cancer la!!!
Cao Mun Mian from Lutong Cafe by Lion...I dont know...(sorry!)

Now, let me introduce our committee members for this BBQ...First, Joseph Wong. You are going to see l ots of pictures of him in the post(since he is such a dramatic person...)

Joseph. Our O.C., dont believe it? Believe it! Cheng Yi, the treasurer
Shiang Khee the secretary
And below are some participants:

Kah Ying, LEO Club President

4 form 4 LEOs

I found something REALLLLLY Disguting somewhere near the BBQ stove. Rotten Hot dog..with dlies on it stuck on the wire there..OMG, i feel like vomiting...

Rotten Hot dog with flies all over and it was stuck to the metal...
Me and Cheng Yi!!!
LEOs VS Security Fight!!!
Then, joseph and bao lin and voon san went to the Children's Water Park to play...But there are halau by the security, with its HUGE GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!

Censored. 18 years old and below are not allowed to view this picture contains violence. They were beaten up by the security and his dog(just kidding!)

I was kinda curious but then i found this in the sign board..

Kids below 12 years old only...

First round, haih..LEOs beaten up..


That didn't slow us down...They went again after the security left...(VERY NAUGHTY LE!)


Like little kid le Bao Lin just slide down....


Joseph slide down and there was a kid in front of the slide..then, oh o...

Guess what happened when joseph accidentally bumped into that kid?
OH HO!!! Little kid want to cry liao!!

Luckily the kid's parent was ok with it..So there 2 LEOs, no, 15-years-old-who-want-to-be-5-years-old continued their crazy playings...

Joseph and Bao Lin with their gayish seahorse friend...
Drinking saliva of seahorse?

He is trying to drink the whole of it
Dont go! Dont go! Little kid!!!!
Joseph and Bao Lin..hugging, omg...



No choice, they have to get out....LEO vs Security, 0-2...(HEY, not fair, the security has german shepherd!)

Back to the real world..

Our BBQ hut

Me and Cheng Yi went to walk around after eating till bloated(WE HELPED WHEN COOKING THE FOOD!!) We went up the suspension bridge...

Cheng yi and Me..On the bridge top..
Water park for 12 YEARS OLD AND BELOW ONLY!
WALAU EH!! Guess what i found up there. Middle-aged woman. possing very 'man' ly. And her shirt? KICKBOXING! WATCH OUT O!!!


Got kick by the lady after taking the photo..LOL!!! Fine, we'll just go back to the playground to play...Surprisingly, everyone wants to go there too...We all play like little kids there, going up ladder, sliding down, hanging onthe monkey bars...hehe...even though the sky is getting really dark...

Playing at the playground in the dark...

Pole dance meh? Got 5 poles tim!? Joseph(why so qian bian?) and me at the Playground
Voon San's butt's shape...

FINALLY it ends with a sweet group photo..HEHE!! CHEESE!!

Group Photo..All the O.C.s on the wall at the back le..

And left kuang horng(the usual cleanliness officer) to clean up the mess we left..Kesian le...(eh, i got help too o!)

Kuang Horng...With the Garbadge Bag...


...Janice... said...

I MISS TAMAN AWAM!!!!!!! kch doesn't has such place..lauya 1..really lauya..

thanks for the photos, i get 2 c u guys..if got shirley, kahming, alina, ke min, lydia....all of them de here k? i wana c..hehehehehehe

Christine said...


Horng said...

ah...tat!!!i mean the last photo

i looked very, very...(dunno wat word to use to describe)...after all, thx for taking down all the photos...tat's left a great memories for everyone...

...Janice... said...

i just realised that u're as tall as cheng yi liao..walau how? how??