Sunday, November 25, 2007

Non-fat DELICIOUS lunch

Since i'm really bored, it's my cooking day!!! (again) My second time cooking without any help at all.


I went to buy some stuffs for "cooking" the lunch today. I wasn't really cooking but it is still counted as dishes. NON FAT DISHES!!!(girls on diet, you might be loving this! and i am NOT on diet, just i like to eat these.)

FIRST, salad. Ok, this is very normal. Tomatoes( MUAHAHAA) plus salad leaves and ONIONS (I love this!). My tears kept on rushing out when i was cutting the onions. I can't even open my eyes!! But i still manage to cut it all.

I present to you, SALAD!
This is very normal la. So i made the sauce myself, the peachy coloured one. It's a thousand island sauce. I MAKE ONE HO! hehe. Actually it is tomato sauce plus mayonese la. Hehehehe..but it looks like Thousand Island sauce and TASTE LIKE ONE TOO!!!!

Oo..big leaf o..

Next on. Apple Juice. haha... OXIDISED apple juice added with apple cubes. DONT GO AIYEER with the colour. it's just oxidised, won't do us any harm. It's very tasty too. and can make you feel really full. Apple Juice.

That's it.

HEY wAIT! this doesn't seem like a Christine's meal. Well, it is non fat and that's not my style at all. Hehe.

Now, guess, what's on?!


MUAHAHAHA!! With cheery top and chocolate (OMG) and peach..haha...


Oh ya, before i forget, i bought today.

Apple Cider.

It tastes sooo nice! (with water of course.)

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