Saturday, November 03, 2007

Prize Giving Ceremony

Is that season again...Prize Giving Ceremony. Once in a year, tradition of my school, if you dont know....Everyone is kinda excited, maybe because of the stars we are going to get. So 3 days before, we are asked to check our prizes. Oh yeah, 2 awards this year!

  1. Superstar!! for my average of trial 1 and 2 exam. hey, i was second in the whole form. Nearly, first...rosak by trial 1.

  2. Bintang Kokurikulum for my New South Wales Uni exam which i got credit, 2 questions away from distinction!!!@#$%^ Then, for my competition which i mentioned before!

I am one of the receptionists this year. LOL!! Very very happy indeed, the most enjoyable thing in the whole world. Haha...Although we have been busy preparing the certificated for days, but i enjoyed it very much, working with my friends, especially Beverly, hehe...who makes me feel i am truly accepted and not the black sheep in the group..(which i always feel that, dont know why...)

Me, there..between the girl with short hair(Ai Hui) and the girl without fringe (alice) during the prize-giving for Bintang Kokurikulum Me there..again, beside the short hair girl(Kah Ming) and the girl with one-side-sloped fringe girl (shiau Thung) during the superstar award. lol, and there's daniel, standing in front, wondering....
All of us. The red clothes with big hats are brassbands
And there's
My Superstars..
Yes, it may look shinny and you can go WHOA at first..but then, you will realise, what if the use of having it??
- You cant even show off with it cause most ppl have it
- You cant wear to school (DUH!)
- Wearing too much superstar for blazer photo will make u look stupid
Wait, I know what is the use of it!!
As a..hehe...Fei Piao...!! (samurai use one a..the star..forgot the name) It has really sharp

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