Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Randomly Weird....

As my seniors said, quarelling will happen! First, i did not care much about what they said, or what do they mean. I just go nodding my head and 'yes, yes'. But now, i knew it. I knew what they mean about quarelling.

Friends around, i am sure that you guys knew that i was busy, about something...ehhehehe..Some problems, or better be name as 'misunderstandings' happened among us. This does not directly involving me. I am just a minor person. I enjoy being this person ( i am always the quarelling one, but this time, it is different), having a different perspective of the how things happens.

There is one chinese proverb: The one who directly involve in it will be confused but the people around are very aware of it.(direct translation) 当局者迷, 旁观者清. I guess i finally knew what it means. Being someone who view this situation at the side is surely having a clearer and better judging mind. I can clearly see who's right and who's wrong, even though my opinions will not be accepted.

I saw the whole thing. It was terrifying and i could not understand how this this XXX(you know who you are) can still handle it so calmly. I really admire this strength of (you know who you are). Even though the situation may seem very horrible, one should not be panic and face it bravely. I knew this XXX will be sad after being 'mentally attcked'. If it is me, in this XXX's angle, i will surely.......

Quarelling. I am sure that is something you have to go through in team work thingy, no matter how good your leader are or how close/good your teamwork are. There are still misunderstandings because every one has his/her own opinion. Please respect others are listen to what they mean before accusing them. That's only a basic thing we can ask for when we are in one team.

Just hope, hope this difficulty may end soon. We need to work together, just like a normal body. We can't live properly/normally without a heart, a brain, legs, hands, tongue....We need each and every one of them and they are important(although some may have the first priority).

All i can do is, give my opinion and help XXX to get through this better....(and that includes me getting bomb....)

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