Friday, November 23, 2007

Sacrifice....does it bring happiness at last?

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Is it becoming my school's student, we have to sacrifice a lot? Our money? Our time? Our energy? OUR HOLIDAY? (I admit that i did find troubles myself before. That doesn't count!)
I know that those not chosen are very bored at home and those chosen as AJK for the Orientation Programme 2008 are very sad too for not having a proper holiday. But this might be important to you.

Good news for those not chosen! Bad news for those chosen!!!!!
For being an AJK Muda last year, i have already sacrifice one whole holiday. Imagine that when your friends are having fun playing computer games(especially your maple and dota and whatsoever stupid games it is) and sleeping whole day, and you were at still at school, worrying about everything. You have no holiday, you can't spend time with your family, you can't sleep well....and for this year, i have to sacrifice even more, my chance to Japan to Singapore, christmas(my birthday!) with my family...all of these...i have to let it go and go to school everyday even when it is saturday during holiday...(plus nagging from my mom and 'bombing' from ms tiong....=.=)

See, there are tonnes of reasons for us to just let all of these away.

But wait, sacrificing, does it really bring happiness at last? what's the point of sacrificing?

Good news for those chosen!!! Bad news for those not chosen!!!!
Now, let me answer the question. (kurt, if you are reading, maybe this is kinda important answer from me to you, instead of that face i told you that day. HEhehe)

yes, yes...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. You'll learn so many new things
From making signboards to treating the kiddos(new students). All of them. It's wonderful. Singing, dancing, making signboards, cutting polystrenes. Hehe...for me, being secretary really help me learn a lot. I learn how to write a proper official letter and improve my English. I hope this will help in my studies next year. :p

2. Make new friends
You can meet really a lot of new friends in orientation, include the AJK Muda, your group mates and of course, new students. I met Beverly, Robin, Janice, Shella and Gary here. Hehe, what a good team we made! And for new students, you'll be like their brother and sisters and friends too. It's very very nice. and you can sing together and dance together and play crazy games together....

3. You'll get noticed!!
Joining orientation programme, you'll get noticed by everyone. I was a nobody before the orientation program. But at least, i am a somebody now, even though that somebody isn't really very very SOMEBODY..hehe. Thus, you are giving yourself a chance for a brighther future and Chung Hua!!!

Even though i might be stress out or exhauted sometimes, i'm still glad i am in.

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