Friday, November 02, 2007


Something different: There will be a gathering for Miri Online Community. All miri bloggers are invited. Free food at HALO Cafe o! 29 December! I may be there!
Are you?

OMG!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember Namewee?!! Huang Ming Zhi?? The one who sang Negarakuku and cause big headache the th gouverment?

Sure you all know! RIGHT?? My friends and I kinda admire him, for his talent of course. About his rebelious act, erm...sometimes it is true. After the incident happened last time (if you dont know, please go to read the newspaper!), we all thought he will not sing again. But, guess what!!??? NAMEWEE IS BACK...

Here is the video: Internet War!

OMG..Internet War...


Christine said...

what does tmb ccb k what what what stands for..i also dont know

My Stories said...

i jz wanna ask ler... hehehe

rational thinker said...

that's a good soong.

those acronyms are mostly bad words

ccb = chow chi bai.
knnbaccb = "kan ni nia .... chow chi bai"..

something along that..haha..