Thursday, November 01, 2007


Something different: The Prize-Giving Award Ceremony will be tomorrow. So excited!!!

Yesterday, while i was selling my books, i ate my breakfast. My lovely breakfast from Mom who went to ta pau. Dont know from where. It was quite tasty!! Yum yum. Jia yang, Lii Ming, Rong Cheng and aarr...I dont know who that guy is, is in my class too. They are kinda 'disturbing' ee ping and me talking and me having my breakfast.

First, they asked for mentos. All of them. !@#$%^& la, i am not Mentos supplier OK!? Plus that lime mentos is very expensive one la! even i dont even she de to eat it. They say, "Each person one, please!" You putt la please. Go buy yourself la. Haha (Just kidding o, but u guys really annoying!!) Then, my whole box mentos only left 2 yummy lime mentos...

Then, i was having my sandwich. They are trying to ask for it again. NO WAY! My sandwich! I straightly say NO!! and ignored them. They kept on staring at the sandwich..Imagine a group of people staring at your sandwich and they are drooling. This is really pressing my button!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, they are exactly like this! Only worst, whole group of them!

Then, as if the whole condition isnt bad enough, it turn to worst. My braces!! of the brackets fell off...only 2 weeks then it is already like this...How can i describe it??

The bracket is like hanging clothes on a line but you stick one side of it on your teeth. but mine wasnt sticking to anything anymore!! It was like the clothes, swinging around, blown by the wind. ARGH!..

AHA! I found a pic about it!

See, it is not attached to the teeth...

This is so annoying. I cant go to the dentist because i was really really busy yesterday. The broken bracket was like really sharp too! Razor la! But it really hurts my mouth and...hmph! Ulcers..

Finally this afternoon i went to the dentist and replace it again. I GOT M Y PINK BRACKETS AGAIN!! YEAH!! but it was tight now...hurts again...

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'-' chee chee '-' said...

haha.. sometime they really like dat de lo... i mean those guys in ur class.. erm.. only can say this is our life sytle.. i give u, u give me.. haha.. of cuz, i'll control myself de la..