Thursday, November 15, 2007


Tomorrow is the day..hehe...the Dance Competition. After it has been postponed and postponed, and tonnes of practices everyday, tomorrow, is finally the day....

I have lots of photographs going to be upload tomorrow about the competition(I PREDICT). We have pretty clothes, which i help in sewing. Heheh...It is very very very very pretty, why? BEcause i got sew the bling blings on it mah!!!

Ok, maybe we don't have so much chance for the champion since we have the most number of unexperienced new students in our group. Hehe, but nevermind, they are the ones which i had great fun with, teaching them how to dance. It was really funny.

Yes, sometimes it is good to have a professinalin your team. but since they are professional, i think there will not be anything as funny as the newstudents dancing. Their every move, LOL! Even though it wasn't good enough, but that's what make it funny, special, UNIQUE!

We can't do anything right now except presenting our best for tomorrow's competition. I am very happy to join this team, the most enjoyable team.....

(Remember to visit tomorrow, for photographs of pretty girls..LOL!!! And that includes me...hehehehehehehehehe....)

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