Friday, November 16, 2007

UPSR Results

So, UPSR results has finally came out huh?! I know this is none of my business, but still, i will have to nag nag nag..Nag my juniors of SJK Chung Hua Miri!!

My message to after UPSR juniors:
CONGRATULATIONS!! 39 students got straight As this year. Hehe. Yes, i am sure you are very happy now and wanted to go celebrate, party whole night...but still, don't be sombong o! I don't want to be a wet blanket but still, remember ( i think ur teacher already told you guys...), UPSR is only the first public exam you have faced in your life, and you still have a long long way to go!! Not only PMR or SPM, but exams in Universities and difficulties in your life! There are still a lot of exams you are going to face!! So, ok, now you can go relax for a while after this tense period of time, but don't overdo it.
But if you didn't get straight As this time, NEVER GIVE UP!!! As i said just now, this is only the first-step. You might be dissapointed now, feeling that urself is stupid la nothing la..CHEER UP! Later, you will feel that this is nothing. You just have to stop giving yourself to sadness. Even though you didn't reach your goal this time, you still have chance! So, study hard for your secondary school and shine all the way!! JIA YOU!!!

Message to juniors who are facing UPSR:
UPSR coming LO!!! Next one is your turn lo!!! Hehe...just scaring you la. Don't be scared. It's just UPSR, no big deal, it won't take away your life or put you into jail. Dont be too tense in studying, just relax...You may study but remember, RELAX please....But for those playing online games, YOU BETTER STOP THAT NOW, RIGHT THIS MOMENT! (yes, i hate maple, but this is very important too) If you don't stop right now, you will only have 2 choices: 1. Continue playing la, you can't even concentrate in studying, everyday go to school talk about game, think about game only. 2. You are addicted. You didn't stop now, you can't stop any later. and then the results are like #1. all of this will only block you form success. Avoid those temptations! Listen to me (even though i am not your mom), follow the advices!!!
  1. Listen attentively in class. Dont chat in class, dont sleep in class, dont play in class, dont make noise in class. Answering teacher's questions are excepted but otherwise, shut up.
  2. Revise. Revise. Revise. Dont wait till the last night before exam you start studying. You can't remember anything.
  3. Do lots of excersices ( i mean latihan, not sukan). From my past experience, doing excersices like past-year questions do help a lot. Aiya, not only past year la, anything excersices will do.
  4. Relax~~~~~Carry on with your life even though you have to study even harder than usual.

I am sure it is ok already if you really follow these 4 points. 42 students got straight As for my year, Year 2004. After that, no one break the record le. Last time, i was scared that what to do if you break our record, will i be sia soi? Then, i realised, i was even more dissapointed when the results are less than expected. Ok la, now, i dont care. I rather us sia soi than letting you guys and mei gong sia soi.


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