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Visiting to ILP and IKBN...WOOHOO!!!!

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Ok, ONLY for today, i think PASCA PMR is still an 'ok ok' program (or else, "very useless" program). Because WE WENT FOR LAWATAN SAMBIL BELAJAR!!! Our "field trip" was to IKBN and ILP at Permyjaya. YEAH!!!...(I just hand in my form to join this morning and straight join in)...

We went by bus. 150 students in 4 buses. People in my bus are very very noisy. Every time another bus of our own pass by us..I mean memotong us, they shouted like sakai-s!(Sorry la, but why should you shout?) And go "BOOOOOOOO!!!" at the students in another bus. COME ON!!!....
Our bus...Shiau Thung on left, shing nee on right, and esther in front and ke ming in in front...Amos standing. He kept running around in the bus/his phone singing(ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?). Yep, that's what amos always do, or else he isnt amos. Amos, right?
IKBN(Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara)
Once we reached IKBN, we are given something like a talk in their dewan serbaguna by a guy who calls himself "Cik" (miss) if i am not mistaken. This "cik" guy also likes to make lame jokes attempt..Which no one laugh or clap their hands when he did it...Lame, totally lame..
Oh ya, when we are given the speech, we are told that those who are married cannot study there..that is the weirdest syarat kemasukan i ever heard...The boys kept on asking the cik guy why, he say," Got bini, got anak, in bengkel think of them, at night think of them, where can study?!" Yeah RR---iiii---ggg---hhh--ttt......And they are given RM100 for the elaun, free food and drinks and clinics..
We went to the Hospitality course first. WOW..the Pastry department is SOO COOL!!! I was so hungry once i enter the kitchen. The smell...reaching in to every cells of my!
Lots of future chefs, gather in this wonderful kitchen. Fully equipped. Got chocolate chip, raisin, cereals, egg york...And they said that the roller is for rolling the dough and beating ppl up.
And i found the coolest guy ever. This guy, i dont know his name, CAN MAKE ROSES OUT OF HIS OWN BARE HANDS WITH SUGAR....And it tastes very delicious...

The one who 'grows' the roses...

DELICIOUS and PRETTY rose. Sadly he gave it to *cough stupid* Joseph...Haih..wondering is that chef is a .....
Their training place for setting up a buffet grand!

Then, we went to the Mechanical Department. Girls are kinda bored by this department and most of the students there are boys...Machines..hmph...

they say use what Air Kulen to make real metal thing..What the...??

But, at least i found something quite interesting there...In the Computer Operated Workshop of course...

This is sooooo cute... A heart shape in a block of metal..Aww...

Little cute gold meriam..SOOO CUTE!!

And er...Huh? TV3?!

This is that machine..Guess how much it cost? Approximately RM1,940,000++. OMG!! That is how many times the cost for my house!! I WANNA SALE THAT THING!

The boys are so sakai again when they saw this...( and some girl bragging,"Cheh, i own one at home la, play with it since i was young" SO WHAT?! Who is just a tractor..)

Amos...playing there..LOL!!!

ILP (Institut Latihan Perindustrian)

The High Tech one! The new one! The modern one!


Me and esther, sitting in front if ILP's dewan serbaguna...

Some kind of talk for introducing their institute again...But this one is more high tech, got air-conditioned auditorium..Better than IKBN, MUAHAHAHA!!! Plus they have this risalah too! (forgot where i put it)

ILP is better!!! They let Married people in!!

Me and ee ping. Not listening..Lol. (the girl behind isnt esther la, she is taking photo for us)

We went to look around then.

Their computer class..Hehe

COOL SIGN! I found it near the toilet. Boy with songkot and girl with does it mean we have to wear songkok and tudung to go in???

We went to a department, i also dont know what is the name...Something to do with making models, models like those that are shown during house showcases thing...The models are SOOOO cuTE TOO!!!!!! This time, this is not made by Computer Operated thing..

A little hut..

2 pretty..

The weather today is !@#$%^ hot le...Finally, when we reach this department, Bengkel Penyejukbekuan & Penyaman Udara (Frozening and Air Conditioning Workshop) , my heart leap sky hiGH!!

Looking at the refrigerators..Lol..

Climbing a fake house at the Telecommunication Department
BOys, this is not MCC.

One more thing i found out is that, almost everything there have a sign "Hak Kerajaan". Even air-conds or wooden boards have...I was nearly one of them..(To get the cop on my la)

We finally went back at 12.15 pm. SO exhausted. So fun...

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...Janice... said... over here in kch, we went to sarawak cultural village, which my frens all said it was lame cos most of them hav been thr before..but not me..
anyway, we still had lots of fun, we owes 'zhi high'..ppl sat thr watch show, we were like shouting n clapping n blablabla..tak tahu malu 1