Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What a sad season...

No, it isn't just the sky is raining non-stop. Tears just trickle down my face non-stop...Not just me, but lots of people around me too...(if u are happy now..just shut up and read on..please..)

Sad world huh?

For only today, people around me..all so suei like that. I will not mention their names cause they are already sad enough. First, a guy broke his electronics thingy cause he accidentally drop it in water. Then..within this few weeks, break-ups and break-ups..i have seen too many of them. My friend cried today..something happened between her bf and her. I dont know what happened and dont dare too ask. Then, soi soi de dance member..gone kick out..

Story #1:

Aih..that little girl that got kicked out. Every time i thought of her, i feel like crying too. She really looks like me...That stupid me last year who believe in stupid lies...I joined some stupid activities, putting in every effort i have, sacrifice all my time to prepare for the competition and hope for the best. Well, the competition is just a few days away and i was excited. Everyone was busy preparing for it too....The day before competition, that morning. My seniors came up to me, they are like having something to tell me but didnt dare. I was still blinking, looking at them, wondering what happened. Finally, one of them came up and told me," I am sorry but you cant join us tomorrow," I was so shocked and curious, "Why?" I asked. They said they have too much people joining. My eyes starting to get red, my nose twitched. All i could think of that single moment is, I have prepared so much and given up so much, why are still doing this to me? I understood now, it is unfair. So, is this society just adapting to "The strong ones survive, the weak ones die"?

I think that is what this girl felt this morning. (at least i am not the one telling her) That's is just SO CRUEL!!! but when the situation leaves you no choice, that's the only way, the cruel way..So from that day onwards, I TRY SO HARD, TO SURVIVE, TO BE THE STRONG ONE. But something happened again...

Story #2:

This situation happens, may be caused by my own attitude (too sensitive), but i think mostly, not mine, but hers. And that hers, i cant say...... First, let me ask you a question: Between a person which have 9 years of experience, fully devoted to what he/she is doing, can sacrifice everything and really do helps you a lot, AND a person who have no whatsoever experience, not committed and never cares about you, who would you choose to participate in your activity, your pathway to success? OH COME ON! It is so obvious! Of course the first one, right?! Well, i am not selling myself, but i am the first one, that's what i think. But, i jsut dont get it, why are they doing this me? They choose to have the second type of person to be in front of me! To have the priority! WHY?! I just dont get it.

This is totally stupid. That's it, I just have to knock them to wake up. Or else i will harden my heart and leave them, once and for all. And that's it!!


Why am I feeling so sad?! I'll just Let it go, keep moving forward and carry on!!!!! That's it, that's it!! Remember: Let it go, keep moving forward, carry on!

More practical steps:

1. Listen to songs. Here is some songs I found. Listen to it, it helps a lot.

2. just talk to your mom, dad, family member or friends. They might have advices for you.
3. Watch some comedies. I watch la pi xiao xin(LOL!), doraemon and liang po po these few days. Totally relax after that.
4. Just sleep la. You can think better after you sleep.
Any more steps?

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