Sunday, November 18, 2007

WHAT THE....!!!

I went to the Driving Range to practise my golf again today. Very happy because i finally imporved from 50m to 100m. Hehehe...And NO BLISTErS today. Haha..

Ok, that's not the main point. So i sat at the canteen there and read the menu. then, i realise, WHAT THE!!!!! Maggi mee...RM4!!!???? OI!!! RM4.00 OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What are they selling?? Even Airasia one not that expensive, even Riam's not that expensive la!!

Maggie Mee RM4. If I am the owner of the shop i won't put maggi mee la if i really want to sell it like that. I think i will name it something like "Mee of the East". Haha, so it sounded more grand. MUAhAHAHAHAH!!!

Never going to eat maggi mee at the golf cost there.

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