Thursday, December 06, 2007

5 reasons i hate to take taxi....

I didn't take taxi often but if i am forced to, bo bian la, take lo. But there is always something i hate about whether it is the taxi itself or the !@#$%^ taxi driver! (i am talking about some only, SOME!)

#1 Smells
Every time i got into a taxi, each one have different smells. If it is fragrance, it is still ok, but still, some are very disgusting. But what most people hate of is the smell of smoke. Yes, you can smoke, it's your lung and your body anyway, smoke till you got cancer also isn't my problem but please, next time you smoke, please smoke outside the car, not inside the car, PLEASE! I know the preference of smells for everyone is different, but since you are a driving a taxi, you should think for your passengers too.

Ok, i personally hate this one big time. The dishonesty. This is my story which i just experienced yesterday:
We told him our address so he drive drive drive. Then, we reached the place but it is on the different side of the road which means we have to cross. We didn't even say we don't wan to cross the road then he goes," Aiya, jia chuo lu liao..neng U turn mah zhe li? Bu neng o, qu qian mian la..." (Aiya, drive wrong road liao, can U-turn here? Can not o, go in front la..) Walao, then he step on the accelerator and ZOOOOOOOOMMMM for a few miles away...THE MONEY METER ALSO ZOOOOOMMMM few dollars away le! omg... eat money one..he drive wrong road himself he eat our money and he didn't even ask us can we cross the road ourselves le...!@#$%^&*(!@#$%^&!@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!

#3 Driving Techniques..
Maybe i should complain about this since i am not driving but it itches me a lot! Fine, I'll just talk about it. Slow drivers might kill you when you are in a hurry but "fast and furious" drivers are going to kill you LITERARY!!!! They maybe thinking their street racers and totally forgot us at the back seat. Speeding like crazy, crossing other people's way without signal lights and totally ignore the traffic lights or whatsoever laws! They are going to get into trouble someday or are they already in....So, i don't expect everyone to drive at 40km/h but in moderation...(Stupid extremist driving is scary!)

#4 Driver's manners (to passengers)
We surely dont want any driver who poke their noses/dig their ears/scratch their buttocks while driving *vomit*, right? But there are really some who are like that....i am sure no one can stand those people, are someone like them....(omg) Some drivers like to have a little chat with you and ask about daily questions, those are ok, since they are just being friendly but are crossing the line already...
Oh, i really dislike those who always says "Cao !@#$^!@#$ !! @#$% !@#$%!!! @#$% @#$% u dont know meh? !@#$%^!!!!" Aw come on!!! You might as well shut your mouth up le...the whole sentence is all foul words..There might be kids on board too le..haih..

#5 Crimes
There are sooo many news now about taxi driver doing crimes. I guess i dont have to say more on this. I have received tonnes of emails about these crimes and most of them are from KL. So, just becareful and be vigilant. You never know when it strikes..

That's why i like bus and MRT more..

(I am only refering to SOME part of the taxi drivers only, most of them are still sweet. And i am not asking you to not take taxi, just be more careful.)


thung said...

hahaha, this reminds me sthg, the taxies in kl! they are far more worse then singapore la.....

Christine said...

Ya. Last time when i was in KL, got one taxi driver cheat me again lo. Drive far far away, he didnt say he drive wrong la, but we can see he go for a longer route to reach the destination. !@#$%^& stupid..