Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Adventure Done! Day 5....

(Today a....i was loitering around city hall and raffles place....again...)

I get down at Raffles Place Station. Glimpse at my handphone's time, oh, i forgot to bring my watch..and i am late!!! Late to the tour at Asian Civilisation Museum!!!....I was still searching for the way. Need to cross the river la...
So i walk walk walk..suddenly...i saw a dark-coloured skin guy with curly short hair walk pass...he is only wearing a boxer...omg...nothing else, not even a shoe or a shirt..omg..he then waved at a man near the bank. The man seems confused.
He must be thinking:" What the **** who is this guy?" Or maybe "OMG, i thought i will never met him again, i thought i told him not to greet me at public places, i thought...."
I continued walking after that shocking and akward scene. And suprisingly, i reached...
Eyes on Singapore???
Oh...i reached Merlion Park..I didnt expect that..just reach there by chance..

The 'Vomiting' Merlion (No offence please)

After taking lots of photo of just the merlion...i have to involve in it too le... but who take for me le?? Set timer la..

First try: Too far..plus the apek wants to get into my photo too..

Second try:

Ok a bit..but still..haih, i give up..
This is the best i could get..

People thought i am nuts cause they didnt see any one holding camera and only see me standing there pose and smile...

The Durian Theater

Raffle's statue

Dalhousie Obelisk
Raffle's statue again, at the Landing Spot
Finally, i reached the Asian Civilisation Museum! The ticket is 10$ la..so expensive. but at least, i'll be there for kinda long time.

China thingy people...

Ancient Money

China Opera Mask.

So weird...
I am the Torajan Warrior!!! With my shield on! (this is a bit dark..)
I cant take pictures inside again..Argh..I went to the Nalanda's trail, which is about Buddha thingy. Which i am soooo not interested in..which i have to put my things in the locker...which i was scared. I was scared....at most paart of the museum. It was really scary bah, scary nian jing (meditating) sound, dark rooms, scary statues (some of the buddha statue only have heads or some have huge heads but no body...some no hand, some no leg..)...I was sooo scared. I just briefly went through it...boohoo~~~
I finished the whole thing after 2 hours. I didnt visit the islamic gallery since i was scared by the nalanda trail and the indian gallery...

Fire Station also that gesi

I went to The Philatelic Museum Next..I love this museum more than anyone of it. BECAUSE IT IS THE BRIGHTEST!!!! AND CUTEST!!

Swarvaski Stamp!

(I heard of "Diamond is my best partner" somewhere)

Stamps with songs!

Stamp made with Felt for Football...

Flower stamps with...


3D Stamp!!!!

Glow in the Dark Stamp!!!!

Gold Foiled Stamp!!!

The ME ME Stamp..coolest of all!!

I am on a motocycle/scooter lo
Hahahaha..that's a mailbox
There are 3 rooms Green, Orange and Purple and this is The Green Room
In the Heritage Gallery. Cool old fashioned cardboard
Wait a minute...


Jacob's Cream Crackers??
This is soooo funny...

Ciao Luo Da Gu!!

Tong tolong tong chiang..tong tolong tong chiang...

Trying on red wooden clok cloks...Ok, i look really weird in this..

Malay ladies..

The Chinese Gallery. See, so cute and colourful le!!

OMG..i like this one a lot..the doggy so cute, especially the middle one on the wall..
OOO...korean words...an nyeong ha se yo!
My name - Christine
Korean Clothes are so pretty
Harry Potter also have stamps So as Harmonie and

I grab lots of recipes here...and the christmas one..

These stamps are so pretty. Too bad i am not interested in stamp collecting, cause i dont write mails...

That's for today.


...Janice... said...

aren't u afraid tat some bad guys'll just grab/snatch ur camera while u're there possing?? just put on the floor boh..wow..ppl might step on it 2 bah..

Christine said...

no la..singapore not that bad la..although there may be some bad people here but that are not that bad as malaysia one la..that's why i dare to run around!!