Saturday, December 29, 2007

Apple Pie Recipe

(Learn from Good Idea program)

I love McD's apple pie so much so i decided to make some myself!! I dont know how they really make the skin of the, this is my version of APPLE PIE!

1. A few apples (Amount varies)

2. Some Po Piah skin..(Spring roll pastry skin)
3. 1 kg of dog meat. apple pie is halal and suitable for vegetarians! No dog meat la, unless you really wanted to...
4. Butter

1. Cut the apple, "rip" of the skin. The smaller you cut, the nicer it tastes...

2. Melt some butter on fire and add on the apple.

3. Fried until soft

4.put on the po piah skin and fold it like origami. LOL! this:

5. Apply a little bit of butter on the po piah skin. Remember to spread it on every side of it.

6. Bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at 170 degree celcius.

7. Done!!!! ENJOY!!!

Comments: Tast very nice. Crispy on the outside, sweet and yummy inside. Bravo! (LOL, crazy person, make herself, comment herself.)


...Janice... said...

LOL..should live wif u..

Christine said...

come la...let u eat everyday..then dont complain me feeding u too much o!!lol

thung said...

....u're crazy la..
wei.. happy belated birthday aa, i din noe that 25 dec is ur birthday..
next year i will surely remember!

Christine said...

what type of friend are yoU!!!?? dont teman me into package 2 already suan liao, now even forget my birthday!? dont want to "friend" you liao!!!

just kidding..