Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chocolate Cheese Cake!!!

I think i am addicted to cakes. I just cant resist it when i saw it. Here I am, eating another cake after another. (I don't care my weight..I was dangerously underweight and dangerously low blood pressure...) MUAHAHAHA!!

I followed my mom to the LAKU office to pay off the bill but when i pass by the Mega's Chatter Box's cake fridge, i started drooolllinnnggg.....
It was kinda pricey i think..but compared to Singapore's cakes..That was lots more cheaper! So bought a Chocolate Cheese Cake!!

Ya, it was very very nice indeed. But i think the a bit too small. It is only the half of the cake i usually eat and not even quarter of the Birthday cake i ate last time..Haha, cause i ate quarter of a whole birthday cake!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!! One-go! I miss cakes so much....

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~界豪^^ said...

if i dun scare of my bodyweight, i sure eat everyday =P