Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas mood's coming!

It's a pity i am not going anywhere for this Christmas but who cares, i already saw the Orchard Road's decoration few weeks ago. Having Christmas in Miri this year. Sigh no Christmas Tree except for that all thing we have for 10 years...
I am still so happy! Every thing has turned into Christmas Theme! EVery one's celebrating it for, so perasan.
Even the Bak Gua (Dry Pork) Bee Chen Hiang has turned into Xmas mood too!!
I am ever so happy. It is still a few days to my birthday yet i receive some birthday presents already haha! YEAH!!!


she bought it in singapore...muahaahaha! Miri cannot buy...only cetak rompak ones..

That makes 5 original sim2 for me!! OMG! SO GOOD!!

Present from my brother and Sharon in Kuching. Hmm..wondering what's inside. I wont open it until 25 Dec..haha!

And a biscuit sis bought from Mark and Spencer!

It is so wonderful and cute you wouldnt dare to eat it anyway. But it says can be display till 9 Jan only and best before 16 Jan. Hmm...must eat lo!

SOO HAPPY! i am going to be 15 soon...

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LingDi said...

Christmas, Christmas! Merry Christmas!