Friday, December 14, 2007

Damnit, Pizza Hut Miri!

( I am really writing this in the peak of my "furiousness"...if i have annoyed you, especially pizza hut's staff, i am sorry, but you have to think of yourself too...)
Remember this? Pizza hut's lunch express? Well, that is what that makes me wanna blow off like garnet..I usually think "damn!" is kinda rude. But well, this time, they left me no choice but to scold them until they wake up. Dear PIZZA HUT MIRI, I THOUGHT YOU CHANGE FOR BETTER, INSTEAD, YOU CHANGE FOR WORST! ARGH!! (remember last time?)
NO FUSS JUST FAST?! OMG..i am going to bomb your whole shop down..I AM GOING TO FUSS A LOT ABOUT IT! Ha! Fine, you surely think, what on earth is this ***** little girl barking about?!
So, you wanna piece of me eh?! Read my DAMN DAMN experience at your shop first:

I was happily going to lunch at bintang plaza hoping to get something to eat. I thought of McD first. Then i pass by Pizza Hut. I thought of last time's !@#$%^& experience., but still, being a very nice nice person i am, i decided to give this shop another chance.
Me and my mom ordered a lunch express. It CLEARLY stated, your lunch will be serve in 15 minutes or else they will rebate RM5 on the next meal. Ok, seeing as it put the word GUARANTEED..we suppose, we believe it. Soo..we wait and wait and wait...
15 Minutes GUARANTEED!
5 minutes passed...10 minutes passed.15 MINUTES! DangDang! Where's my meal?
Being a kind lady again, i decided to wait for another while...for maybe give them a chance of extra 5 minutes..20 minutes passed..OMG! ARE YOU REALLY THAT SLOW?
Well, I wont mind them being slow. but since they broke the promise (even though they did gave me the RM5 coupon), i am still soooo angry, because this is what they promised(or something like that):
Having meals during lunch time is not a test of patience again. (NOT!) Your lunch will be served in 15 minutes FLAT. Otherwise it's RM5 discount for your next meal here. You even have a choice to choose from 5 different combos. Dont believe we are that fast? Try us!
That's what they said and that's what make me that furious. If you cant make it on time, why should you tell us 15 minutes guarantee? I wont mind a bit if you didnt mention that...

This is only what we ordered..Does that really take such a long time? especially when before we enter the shop, it was half empty..still it took us 35 minutes to have our lunch.

We were so angry so we decided to just ta pau it since we are in a hurry.

They gave us this RM5 coupon. Haha."You next purchase." Yeah right, as if i am going to have another meal there.
Yeap, i tried you. And i guess this is the dissapointing result..(I tell you this because i wanted you to change for better..come on..!And i thought you deserve the forgiveness for last time...I am so sad..)


Abby said...

oh cheer up lah.maybe something happening in the store. anger management.

Christine said...

well, but since they cant guarantee it they should told us again and again. Even the staff kept on repeating 15 minutes..aduh

Touge King said...

Pizza Hut sucks, BIG TIME!

I have numerous bad experience with them, and finally gave up. The staff is most likely very underpaid, as a result, none seem to know the meaning of customer service!

How I wished McD's would start making pizzas LOL :D !