Thursday, December 20, 2007

Disgusting yet CRAZIEST AND FUN GAMES!!!

OMG..i havent been playing like this in years..ok, maybe months...or maybe days if you counted last week's orientation test game as anything like it. No, IT ISNT ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!!!

LION DANCE CAMP'S STATION GAME was held today. (so as their girls exam) So, boys, are you curious about what we do during our exams??

So, it is very scary but exciting! It is a pity you boys dont get this type of exams. We just walk into a dark dark and cold cold room...then, a few "monters and beast" trying to harm us down...HAHA! in the dark until we are soooo scared!!!

Nah, we dont really do anything, i make up a story myself. But it is still quite fun! We were sitted 3 by 3 then we have a quiz. It was really akward though..

One of the common script which most houses will say when we go to perform the lion dance during chinese new year is :" EH, I THOUGHT CHUNG HUA VERY RICH LE? WHERE'S YOUR TAN SRI!!?? WHY YOU KEEP COMING, COMING EVERY YEAR, JUST NOW ALREADY GOT ANOTHER TEAM COME WHY COME AGAIN??"

(Most of them said the same thing..that creeps me out and suspiciously 99% identical from each one of them, i wonder if they already talk about it earlier??)

Done with it. Plus i make lots of stupid mistakes. Let's talk about
We werent allowed to play with water or mud or in the disgusting pond for a long long time. But in this camp, we get to do it!
It was just tooo fun, let me summarize what we did:
  1. play mud, jump in it, roll in it, crawl in it, smear it all over your clothes...
  2. play in the pond in front of toilet with lots of algae and tadpoles and undefined substance (Dont YUCK! it is fun when you play it)
  3. play gusti (I am the only girl playing, of course fighting another girl la, spoil my image only!!! aduh...)
  4. drinking pink and brown colour sweet sweet drinks..dont know what is that, but it tastes like bubblegum or pearl milk tea, but it certainly isnt. This is a bit yucky, i know...i nearly threw up after that ( i didnt drink it down my throat la, i spit it out...)
  5. play with flour..(my nostrils full of flour..LOL!)
  6. eat biscuit with chili and tomato sauce
  7. play with ice water..skiing on the smooth surface in front of 5-star toilet and eat tangerine orange
  8. and the ping pong one..ehem...all present, i guess you know which one i mean...

OMG...what a nice time!! It might seem very disgusting...but i really appreciate it when i feel like dont know when am i going to have this much of fun again since our school is banning it very very soon.


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